ridiculous!F-35B crash reasons: intake holes have not taken it!More than 100 million US dollars lost to the sea

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ridiculous!F-35B crash reasons: intake holes have not taken it!More than 100 million US dollars lost to the sea

2021-11-27 12:02:13 22 ℃

On the 24th, the British media exposure, the British army's expensive F-35B stealth fighter crashed in the Mediterranean, which was quite funny:

A plastic cover that occlves into the airway may not be removed in time, causing this F-35B crash.

According to the British Media "Sun Daily", a recent British a value of more than 100 million US dollars in the F-35B fighter, crashed at the Elizabeth Queen, because the cover did not remove the rain in front of the rain.

A F-35B fighter, a famous British Royal Air Force 617 Squadron, just followed the aircraft carrier to complete the task of showing off the force around China, returning to the European waters. After the fighter took off from the British Elizabeth Aero Airliner, on November 17, 2021, fell into the Mediterranean Sea. This plane is an eight British F-35B and 10 US Navy Marine Corps F-35B. At present, these aircraft is equipped in the Elizabeth Queen, and the first battle cruise.

The pilot from the fighter fucking escape was rescued, and there was no serious injury.

After the accident, Jonenon British Jon, British Broadcasting, cited the Minister of Defense, and provided some further details. He pointed out that this F-35B take-off accident is not because of the technical failure of the aircraft itself, but a human error.

The British Media "Sun Daily" report pointed out that the reason for the F-35B aircraft crash is a "cheap plastic cover" that should be removed before takeoff, and is not removed. Reporter Jereome Stique wrote that after this contact fighter fell into the Mediterranean sea, the veins saw a red intake lid on the sea. He claims that: "The water soldiers almost immediately knew the reason ... before the flight, some covers on the plane should be removed. The ground personnel will check, and the inspection process is very strict. Then the pilot wrapped around the plane, check again "

But obviously, don't know why, these operations are simple inspections, no one pays attention to this cover is still on F-35B.

According to reports, the fighter's pilot attempts to stop the takeoff, but at this time, the plane has already rushed out of the runway range, and the pilot had to eject the escape.

What is worth paying attention is that the flight activities of the unit have not stopped, and the F-35B fighter is still participating in the West Joint exercise in the Italian coast, including intersection between a variety of battleships.

If this crash reasons have been confirmed, the F-35B crash will be caused by a series of catastrophic errors, which are caused by more than one person, including no strictly follow standard slide and takeoff procedures, including When visiting many times, several people did not pay attention to a series of safety covers and the latch still on the plane.

Such objects usually deliberately brushed into red, usually with "take-off before removal", to maximize the attention of the staff to prevent such accidents.

The reporter acknowledges that there is also a need to wait for the official survey to provide more confirmation information about incident and root cause.

At the same time, the recycling of the F-35B wreck is still in progress, the United States, and the United Kingdom do not want other countries to receive confidential information of this fighter.