How can I ask in the future to defeat China?Mask said after the answer, the audience is silent

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How can I ask in the future to defeat China?Mask said after the answer, the audience is silent

2021-11-27 12:02:02 27 ℃

Instead of saying that there is a sense of crisis in the United States, it is better to have "victorious discoises". As long as the military big country makes a move, you can over-interpretation, rising to threatening the stable, international peace, the so-called "threat" is even more Come, "earthquake females" in deceiving the draft fee is not much. Of course, the United States is very good at using the existing development status, especially the backward high supercapital field, many language quizs, speculation "Sino-Russian threat", on the other hand, but claims to address the threat of the big country, Vigorously develop space weapons.

Say, with the rise of emerging countries, the worries of the United States have become more serious, and they are not moving on military deterrence. At a seminar, an American Air Force will, when the John F. Thompson of the Los Angeles base of California. A problem, how is the current US to defeat China? Although the current situation is now, the war will not arrive, but this is unable to stop people's curiosity. After all, in recent years, all countries have witnessed, all kinds of achievements, so that many people are confused with China's real strength, here, Masque gives an answer to make the audience sword.

Mask's answer is not complicated, only two words: radical and innovation. During the cold war, the United States landed in the moon, not because of simple, the opposite is because it is difficult, but the United States at that time is this kind of ambition, but now, it is clear that the United States is rare in the military field, and the earlier wind does not seem to exist. More is more eye red to his country's excellence. It is undeniable that the United States is still leaders in the scientific research field. The profits received each year are very rich, but they have become a major obstacle to industrialization. If scientific research wants to achieve, or with military cooperation, or to find a national cooperation with sufficient productivity. That is to say, the United States is now air having a developed brain, but there is no action support.

From now on, the United States has gradually returned behind other people, and all kinds of important research projects have rarely appear "Americans", including artificial intelligence, 5G and drone, etc., and Mask's Spacex more Like an absorbed, it rely on radical and innovative achievements, but more is the result of reassignment of existing resources in the US space industry.

Endless inner fights and social tears, let the "garage out of the genius" big environment gradually dissipate, more and more young people are aiming to have a financial industry that has come to the money, and doing practical things, less and less, if you have long, the United States The international and future will be affected. Mask said that if you want to defeat China in the future, you must get more technical achievements in artificial intelligence, drones, etc., so that the United States continues to be in the leading position.