62 retired soldiers "Sunshine Gougang", Dali City 2021 retired soldiers resettlement work successfully completed

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62 retired soldiers "Sunshine Gougang", Dali City 2021 retired soldiers resettlement work successfully completed

2021-11-27 12:02:46 31 ℃

The retired soldiers are young to enter, the energetic, strong adaptability, especially the training and forging of this big furnace, and practicing good political qualities. Organizational concepts and work discipline, many comrades also have certain professional skills and is an important force for economic construction and valuable talent resources.

Dali's retired soldiers have a large number, widely distributed, and properly resettle the potential to fully stimulate their potential, let them take the lead in economic construction and promote economic and social development.

"I served in the Tibet Military Region for 16 years. I am very grateful to the Dali Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government to care and love our retirement soldiers. I am fortunate to be the first retired soldier, I choose your own post." November 25 On the 2021, Dali City was held in 2021, the retiring meeting was held, according to the success quantitative score ranking, retired soldiers Yang Jinshan's first choice work. For new jobs, Yang Jinshan is full of expectations.

Yang Jinshan

In the future work, I will continue to work hard, work hard to study all aspects, and create new achievements in new positions.

Retired soldiers resettlement work is related to national economic construction, national defense construction and social stability, is a long-term important policy of the party and the country, and a political task, retired soldier resettlement work is glorious, responsible, and far-reaching. In recent years, Dali City has carefully organized and carefully deployed, and completed the resettlement task of the city's veterans, a large number of retired officers and soldiers were properly placed, and made a positive contribution to the city's economic development and social stability.

This year, Dali City retired soldiers resettlement work mainly implements the government arrangement and independence. According to the relevant arrangements of provinces, states, and cities, the central and provincial, state and municipal units in Dali City are provided with 107 posts for 62 retired soldiers who meet the government arrangements.

In Dali City, in the retired soldier resettlement, Dali City strictly implements the resettlement plan of provincial, state, and cities, and publicity of the resettlement plan indicators, positions, retirement soldiers to perform quantitative assessment results, adhere to the principles of public, fair and fair, Self-conscious acceptance, with "open, transparent" sunshine operation, maintained the vast number of retired soldiers.

According to the comprehensive quantization score, publicity, etc., the retired soldiers who meet the resettlement conditions shall be selected according to the ranking order of the score, according to the number of self-selected posts, and the resettlement object I voluntarily select the unit and sign confirmation, the governing results are announced, and related Place of procedures and file extraction.

Encouraging and supporting the retired soldiers independent entrepreneurship is an important way and measures for retired soldiers' resettlement. The retired soldiers participating in the post is unsatisfactory to the employment position of the government. You can choose monetary and resettlement, and the retired soldiers of monetized placement also enjoy the country and Relevant preferential policies stipulated by governments at all levels.

At the meeting, 37 retired soldiers select the resettlement of institutions, including 1 provincial-level institutions, 6 state-level institutions, 30 municipal institutions. 23 retired soldiers chose state-owned enterprises, including 6 central enterprises, 5 provincial state companies, 8 state-level enterprises, 4 municipalities. Two retired soldiers chose independent employment. Dali City successfully completed the resettlement and selection task.

The deputy head of the Dali Municipal Party Committee, the deputy head of the leadership team of the military affairs, and the Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Municipal People's Armed Forces, Wu Qingyu attended the Given, and did the requirements for the resettlement of retired soldiers this year.

The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Municipal Municipal Media Center conducted a full-time supervision, and the three tower notary was on site notarization. Dali Prefecture, the city's relevant departments leaders, the retired soldiers resettlement and receiving unit heads and retired soldiers relatives participated in the post conference.

Peaceful and stable social environment must rely on strong military and solid national defense, properly handle the resettlement of retired soldiers is one of the necessary conditions for safeguarding national security and ensuring modern construction results. Actively do a good job in retired soldiers, in order to eliminate the worries of the majority of current soldiers, so that they can serve at eagerness, and build a military camp, thereby attracting more excellent young people should enter Wu Guan national defense construction. I wish the retired soldiers build a job in new positions.

Reporter: Zhang Hui Qiangna

Edit: Chen Linling

Value Week: Hu Yaling Zhang Hui

Editor: Li Sheng