The barrel needs to drill out with a iron rod, why?Isn't it faster with mold perfusion?

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The barrel needs to drill out with a iron rod, why?Isn't it faster with mold perfusion?

2021-11-27 12:02:45 78 ℃

As a hot weapon that can be used, it is true that the power is extremely limited, but considering strategic demand, at this stage, there is no idea to eliminate them. However, compared to the morning fire gun, modern guns have improved a lot regardless of the radius or power, so in maintenance of social security, my country has always been strictly controlled by guns.

Manufacturing method of the barrel

Something, if it is not an army or from a police, ordinary people understand the guns of guns can only limit the theoretical knowledge. Moreover, the ancients often say that in the case where they are not in touch with guns, many people will have a lot of doubts about guns, such as the gun tube of the soldiers with guns, this needs to be drilled with iron rods. Why is it? Is it faster with mold?

First of all, whether it is hot weapon or a cold weapon, they have a very high demand in the process of developing. After all, once these weapons have failed in actual combat, not only the lives of soldiers have suffered greater threats, and even the failure of a war. Therefore, the reason why the gun tube will drill with iron rods, in fact, everything is to ensure the quality of the gun.

The barrel is very high for materials.

First, the bullet produces a very high temperature during the launch, and ordinary steel can't be held at all, so the gun tube of the gun is generally used in high temperature composite metal materials. It will be apparent that such materials have powerful high temperature resistance, they want to melt their melts, and use mold perfusion is not realistic.

We can not deny that using iron rods to drill tubes for a lot of time, but if they really melt these composite metals materials, then pass through the mold, the time and energy it takes only more. What's more, even if the mold is faster, the gun tube that creates this will also have a safety hazard, which can meet the quality requirements of guns.

Easy to generate bubbles

In addition to the high temperature, bullet launch will exert a huge pressure on the barrel, and the gun tube of the mold perfusion will inevitably cause bubbles in the barrel wall, which will greatly reduce the buck of bumps. Conversely, it is not worried about bubbles directly with iron bars, and the gun tube that makes this will be more smooth and easy to process it secondary.


Inside the gun tube of modern guns, in order to increase the stability of bullet emissions, it will basically draw a line. This row need to be rushed out in the inside of the barrel, as long as it has air bubbles, in the process of engraving, the barrel may be scrapped, which is completely a waste. We absolutely believe that there must be similar attempts before countries, and finally gave up naturally.

Of course, no matter what to say, use iron rods to drill tubes are also a big project, especially the better performance, the process of manufacturing the gun tube is more cumbersome. Fortunately, technology has been constantly progressing. I believe there will be a better gun tube manufacturing method in the future, so that the difficulty of guns can be effectively reduced.