Also come and disgust China!5 Members of Members visiting Taiwan, provocative words extreme danger

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Also come and disgust China!5 Members of Members visiting Taiwan, provocative words extreme danger

2021-11-27 18:04:30 34 ℃

This time, the Taiwan authorities have a hot-fried "US Taiwan Relationship"!

According to Global Times, November 25th, the five members of the US Congress are visiting the day, Han, and will take the US military C-40C administrative special plane to Taiwan, and will stay in Taiwan for 2 days, meet the Taiwan defense department, and will Taiwan's leaders Cai Yingwen will. The resurrection of Mescen, the Republican President Mes, is extremely dangerous. He has been called "Taiwan Republic" after the arrival of Taiwan.

This is a further action of the US "Cut Sauce" Table Sea Policy. In the past few years, the United States has gradually realized the US military landing at Taiwan, and the US senior officials and Members have been involved in Taiwan. The commitment made, constitutes a great challenge for a Chinese principle.

Under the determination of national sovereignty and territorial integrity in mainland China, US Congress members have repeatedly visiting Taiwan, there is no doubt that they will encourage the island's split molecules "with heroes".

Another Democrats who participated in Democrats, Slutkin, is a special provocatively in the special Chinese embassy against US Congress to distinguish a sticker in Taiwan. The drivers of these US members have played a chicken blood on the authorities. Under the "support" of American politicians solemnly, it will definitely get more far from the roads of splitting countries, more and more radical.

However, the US Congress member visits the Taiwan, and this statement is made in the language, it means that the United States really supports the split plug? As everyone knows, the US President US President Biden also committed the Chinese leaders to say "not supported"? In the end, the US president is also more powerful, and this simple comparison unit split molecule should be clear.

Moreover, these US members of members visited Taiwanese, and the roots brought to Taiwan were not "honey", but "poison".

These politicians have such a large number of people's topics, and a large part of the reason is that "anti-China" has become the "political correctness" of American politics, and Taiwan China is the top priority of Sino-US relations. By playing "Taihai Brands", it can be extremely Land to improve their influence in US politics. Therefore, they have visited Taiwan, which is entirely considered for their own political interests.

American politicians are getting their own political interests, can Taiwan? Because of their move, the split molecules in the island will will be more far from the departure country, and it will ignite the "Wutong" war. When I was at that time, I went to see the United States would or dare not far from the surrounding war around China.

The United States has eroded a Chinese principle with the strategies of "cut sausages". The Chinese side is not any counterfeit measures. On the contrary, it is in the context of "Taihai Brand" in the United States. The People's Liberation Army has formed a normal military existence in Taiwan. The cruise station has become a routine operation. It can be said that the United States is so provocative in the Taiwan Sea issue, but the achievements of the People's Liberation Army defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity have been greatly improved. On the United States, in addition to doing some small actions on the countertop, where is there a "world hegemony"?

God wants people to die, must first make it mad. The deeper the US Taiwan collude, the more it will speed up China's implementation of a unified process. Don't believe, walking!