Strike!British warnings in the Russian move!The British fleet has encountered the Russian army to retaliate!

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Strike!British warnings in the Russian move!The British fleet has encountered the Russian army to retaliate!

2021-11-27 18:04:21 32 ℃

According to media reports, the UK foreign ministers recently opened to Russia, reminding Russia not to commit "serious mistakes", because Ukraine is a close-in-one in the UK, and the entire NATO partner, if Russia dares to move to Ukraine, we will ensure Ukraine Get a comprehensive help.

The UK is not a light to talk about it. It also helps Ukraine 11 warships, and help Ukraine to consolidate the naval base and improve weapons and equipment. In the UK, do not want to continue to use Ukraine, let Ukraine continue to stand against Russia's forefront In the United Kingdom, it is indeed a bloody.

Russia also makes public statements, Russia is unwilling to launch any war behavior, but will also let the opponent realize that Russia is not a good country.

But carefully analyze the words of Russia, it is not difficult to find that this paragraph in Russia is basically said to Ukraine. After all, Russia and Ukraine have belong to the Soviet Union, nothing more than brothers, what is the resentment of the hatred? I will solve it in my private, I believe that Russia is also willing to resolve disputes with Ukraine.

But behind the paragraphs will definitely say that Ukraine has been heard. Ukraine and Russia have a small gap in many ways, and so many years of friction Ukraine should know that Russia is not yet.

Original Russia may still find a good goal, it is always impossible to show strength to the entire NATO, so Russia will also be tremended, but now you will jump out of your British first, and it is also a helping, Russia. It must be tapping to beat the United Kingdom.

According to media reports, the British Defense Minister said that the Russian military has given a strong pressure on the British Aircraft Carrier Fleet located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, and the Russian fighter frequently tracks the British Aircraft Carrier Fleet, but also made a provocation to the British fleet. "The behavior, and later Russia's submarines and ships also joined.

It seems that Russia is indeed quite dissatisfied to the UK. This move is to play the face of the British army, even a little "humiliation", but the Russia has no real knife, or the British will cry again.喊 娘.

In the report of the British government, Russia is particularly interested in the crash of the British aircraft carrier. It is not to rule out that Russia wants to find the position of the fighter crash. At the same time, the British Navy should Carefulness, because the previous Russia also conducted a multi-fighter exercise to attack a aircraft carrier fleet.

In fact, it is not strange that the British will be so nervous. After all, in June this year, he was warned by Russia, and the Russian Navy was shot at the time. If the Russian army's missile appeared "mistake", the British aircraft carrier fleet must It suffered huge losses, which made the British surprised a cold sweat, and the UK is very afraid of this situation.

This time, Russia's retaliation is also absolutely, and the British face will also make the Britain think of the pain. Britain is now estimated that it is not very horrible in front of Russia. In fact, this is also in the UK. In recent years, the British seems to recover the glory of the Empire of the Empire, began to be unfortunately in the international, but there is no powerful strength to protect, so it is not surprising that frequent faces of many countries are not surprising. I believe in the United Kingdom. Almost habits. (Self-reliance)