70 years ago, the leader of the British Gross "Jarley" interception machine first flew the protagonist of the Soviet farce

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70 years ago, the leader of the British Gross "Jarley" interception machine first flew the protagonist of the Soviet farce

2021-11-27 18:04:04 89 ℃

70 years ago, that is, November 26, 1951, the first prototype of the British Gross "Jane" double heavy interception machine flew.

The machine is designed to intercept the Soviet bomber under any weather conditions and use the airborne radar search target. At that time, this is a very advanced model. After 1956, its performance has been further improved. In addition to the fixed machine gun, it is also equipped with an empty missile. In 1955, the Royal Air Force announced the purchase of "guns" and produced 505.

Despite such a huge success, the "javelin" is still the last product of the Gross Airplane. In 1963, the company bankrupted and became part of Howker Siddley Aviation, while Hawke announced bankrupt in 1992.

The "javelin" interception machine is mainly deployed in the UK and Side, and these interception machines have been equipped in 1969 until the more advanced models have emerged. This kind of plane will retire. Fortunately, the Cold War has not developed into a hot war, so they have no opportunities to participate in the real airfare.

However, this British interception machine is said, the Soviet people are not strange to this, and even some children are very intimate, and they are called "408". What is this?

It turned out that in 1979, a large number of various aircraft model kits were suddenly appeared on the shelves of the Soviet toy store. These aircraft were completely different from the Soviet model, and their names were very blamed: "157", "170", "204 "" 363 ", etc.

The first prototype of the "javelin" interception machine did not install the radar and weapon system.

In 1978, the Soviet Foreign Trade Company NovoExport purchased a large number of equipment for the production of toys from the British company of British company, including more than 100 molds for casting aircraft model kits. At that time, the production model was a very fashionable hobby, but the Soviet Union has been in the situation of extreme shortage, and the factories in East Germany cannot meet the needs of the market. As a result, Soviet Foreign Trade Company hopes to solve the problem of product shortages by mass production of this British set model.

The first improved MK.I of the "Javelin".

However, a problem immediately appeared: almost all Frog models are military equipment such as Western countries such as Years. Some senior officials immediately expressed their anger immediately: "What is going on? The Soviet child actually assembles the extreme fighter model of NATO! This is too much, this is the destruction of the ideology! Can not promote the enemy's military Equipment, especially for young people! "

Surprisingly, this ridiculous obsolete speech actually got the support of the Soviet high-level support, apparently they firmly believe that children in the United States and American aircraft model today will become the enemy of the people tomorrow.

MK.7 is the maximum model of the "gun" series, a total of 142.

However, millions of pounds of pounds purchased by the mold have been paid, and it seems that it seems to have no power. The Kremlin is coming up to cover a solution, manufacturing model kits and sell, but cannot promote real models, only a simple number on packaging, as well as such aircraft, such as fighters, bombs and reconnaissance machines.

Such a ridiculous thing can only happen under the condition of the information in the cold war period, but such a method is indeed partially effective. At the end of Su Xong, most children purchased and assembled in the Soviet Union did not know what they were doing.

Javelin MK.7.

The most amazing thing is that even the passenger ship and aircraft model in the previous century and the Second World War II, there is no real name. People can only guess "noise", "wild horses" these vintage propeller combat opportunities cause "ideological destruction" for powerful Soviet motherland.

Even the Soviet SB bomber and the model packaging of the -7 fighter also have no real model, which does not have any logical explanation, which is simply crazy.

"Jade" interception machine model made by Frog Company.

At the same time, the Soviet Union also produces some model kits that use completely different packages. These models are loaded into colorful boxes, and the box is manufactured by a smooth cardboard and has a label in English. Moreover, there are several fuselage stickers inside the model, which can be attached to the surface of the model after completing assembly.

The "408" model kit package for sales in the Soviet Union.

Of course, the model kit of the Soviet sales of the Soviet Union is very simple, only a very simple box, the surface print is very rough.

The model set of the Soviet export, the box is very beautiful.

Surprisingly, the model kit of domestic sales and exports is manufactured and packaged in the same workshop. Therefore, workers began stealing the export model to sell on the black market, and the price was 10 times even more than 20 times more than the Soviet sales. Sometimes workers only steal the boxes and stickers, because the plastic version can be bought in any shopping mall.

This absurd story continued until the end of the 1980s, like a mirror showing hypocritical and crazy behind the Soviet high ideology.