Want to "four sides of Chu song"?The US anti-China is revised, and the Western ally is lost.

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Want to "four sides of Chu song"?The US anti-China is revised, and the Western ally is lost.

2021-11-27 18:06:44 40 ℃

In recent years, with China's influence, we are frequently found in Western countries, rendering so-called "China Threat". After the US President Biden, the ambition of the Western Allies and the Anti-China Union was pulled. More more, Biden also claims that the US relations will be more stable, which is to change the China Russian relations, trying to "Lian Russian Anti-China". In order to maintain its own hegemony, the United States has developed a series of self-think of powerful curb policies to enclose China.

Since Biden announced that after the dismount of Afghanistan, he gradually turned his attention to the Asia Pacific region, and the Japanese and Korean countries were the object of the United States to hold. After the end of the World War, the United States began in Japan and South Korea, and also tried to firmly control the diplomacy of the two countries. Especially in Japan, with the help of the United States in the near future, it is possible to operate frequently. According to reports, the United States and Japan Kad 5 countries are holding a joint exercise around Japan, and 34 warships are ready to move.

Not long ago, China and Russia were a strong sea force and went to Japan to hold a military exercise. According to analysts, China and Russia are clearly reminded Japan, do not try to provoke the nervous atmosphere of the region, otherwise it may have to be lost. According to reports, Japanese Prime Minister Bada Duandong said, no longer following the United States to provoke the so-called "human rights issues", which seems to release positive signals in China.

At the same time, the relationship between China and ASEAN has also ushered in a huge breakthrough. According to reliable news, China has officially announced that bilateral relations are raised as "comprehensive strategic partnership", but also caused global attention. Analysts say that this means that cooperation between China and ASEAN is not only staying in the economic field, and the future will expand in the future.

In this way, the "India Tansan Strategy", which is desires, can be unmodied, and China's influence in the South China Sea is also upgraded, and Biden's wishful abacus is afraid to fall. In addition, China and Russia are standing back to stand together, forming "new era, comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership," if the United States wants to play, it is very likely to fall into the quagmire.

Moreover, the most trusted European allies in the United States have recently be self-defeating. Not only the new crown epidemic has no control, and there are more and more people in the street demonstration. For 10,000 steps, the two leader in the EU and Germany also revealed the idea of ​​"reducing the US dependence".

French President Markon is a bluntly, and it is necessary to put it in the establishment of the European army. In this way, the United States has fewer anti-Huanhua chips. Overall, China's international influence is improved, and the world is obvious. Many countries are not willing to choose between China and America. China emphasizes that it is hoped that the United States will not go far from the wrong road.