How to influence the situation in Japan

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How to influence the situation in Japan

2021-11-28 00:02:58 27 ℃

The Boardian Cabinet is receiving the reception of Vietnamese Prime Minister Fang Ming Zheng and Pan Wenjiang and other political visits. The two sides reiterate the so-called "free open printing and opposite" and oppose the use of force to change the status quo. There are foreign media saying that Japan will take the opportunity to pull Vietnam against China. In fact, since the establishment of the cabinet in the Boarda, China has been in one of the topics since its establishment. Japanese diplomacy is increasingly showing obvious distant near-attack characteristics. So far, the first-phase shore field and the outer phase Lin Fang are talking to the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Denmark and other multinational leaders, and communicate with the so-called "free open printing." Although Japan is also talking about China and South Korea, the interrelationship still has no significant significance, and the summons of Sino-Japan and South Korea have been paused for two consecutive years, and there is no recovery in the short term.

The situation in Northeast Asia continues to be tight. In recent years, the Japanese government has a strong attitude towards the two countries, and actively follow the United States into the US to build a strategic envelopment circle, which is the main reason for this tension. Originally, Sino-Japanese and South Korea's three countries have made a lot of results, which not only promoted the negotiations of self-trade negotiations and economic culture, but also established a Sino-Japanese and Korean cooperation secretariat in Seoul, but the last three national head talks in December 2019 There is no sign in reimcoming. As the Royal President, Han Fang has recently intentionally improves Japanese and Korean relations with the help of the three countries, but the Japanese attitude is negative. Although the epidemic has increased obstacles for a while, complex internal and external political reasons is the crux.

The contradiction between Japan and South Korea is mainly concentrated on historical issues and territorial issues. The deterioration of the relationship between the two countries stems from the judgment of the Korean Court for the trial of the forced labor compensation, and the Japanese side believes that the Korean party violates the "Request Agreement" in 1965, saying that the issue has already been resolved, and the Korean judgment violates the international agreement. This time, the Japanese attitude is very tough, and it is believed that Korean does not resolve the issue of labor judgment, and he does not recover Japan and South Korea. China-Japan, mainly because the Japanese party excuses China's cruise "China Threat", and cooperates with the United States in human rights, the sea, etc. China's so-called strategic alliance, trying to assist in the United States to draw everything in the domain forces to join the anti-China "big chorus" to prevent China from rise.

The background of Japan's hard-working policy is the growing bones of the United States to have a blemish container. Japan's self-party party's right part has driven its agent Abe's three-choice station team. They hostile China and believe that following the United States to curb China in accordance with Japan's national security benefits. For South Korea who is unwilling to choose the border, the Japanese self-owned party right party uses the United States's anti-China policy, and the Japanese government is pressing South Korea to force South Korea to give up the "anti-Japanese" policy of the history brand.

But in fact, the position of Japan's right party is opposite to the United States with the United States. The deterioration of Japan and South Korea has affected the United States attempts to try on the anti-China mechanism of the United States and South Korea, Northeast Asia, and the anti-China envelop appears in the Korean peninsula, which does not meet the US strategic ideas.

There have been two routes since Japan's political self-war, one is the "light military, heavy economy, and beautiful coordination" route of the pigeon Pai Yoshimao, one is the "revision of the constitution, re-armed" , Get rid of the post-war system "route. The shore field is the inheritance of the former, and the Abe is the inheritance of the latter. In recent years, Abe's representative of the party's Eagle School (that is, the right part) has implemented the revision of the Constitution, get rid of the post-war system route, so that Japanese politics is increasingly right. The first platform of this field of Sanxiong means that the self-cultural party pigeon party has re-mastered the leadership of Japanese politics, and the leadership of the shore field gradually renounced the control, promoting their own beliefs. If you win in the Senate elections next year, Hongchi's Hongchi will stand firm and the internal and external policies may be adjusted, and it will not be controlled by the right.

Japan-Korea relations are temporarily difficult to improve under the influence of tough right, but the United States will not have the formation of Japan's right to hindrance Japan and South Korea and the formation of beauty and Korean mechanism. On November 16, the United States convened the Japanese Foreign Affairs Officer Senjial, and the first official Cui Zhongjian in Korea Foreign Affairs, Cui Zhongjian, to discuss the policies and peninsula policies. The purpose was originally to continue to put together the United States and Han Anti-China alliance, but the end is about to hold three countries. On the occasion of the press conference, the Korean police officer Jin Changlong mounted on the Single Island (Japan said Zhu Island), the Japanese side expressed protests, and both parties refused to participate in the joint press conference. The "tacit understanding" of the deputy foreign minister of Japan and South Korea, making the patchwork efforts of the United States and Korean mechanisms again.

In 2007, Futian Kangfu advocated strengthening the resonance of the Japanese and American Union and Asian diplomacy. However, the necklaces of Abe, Abe and Nabi, showing "the second time to the United States", the second settlement of the shore field, to force the proportion, Abe, Amei opposition, promoting the number of Hongchi No. 2, Lin Fang is at the outer phase, can "shore-forest" system can get rid of the right part of the right part after standing, give up the current inertia "far-attack" strategy, restart the China-Japan and Korean cooperation mechanism, Furthermore, in a complex international paragraph truly safeguards Japan's safety and economic interests, but also makes more contributions to regional stability and even world peace, people will wait and see. (德 瑰, the author is director of the Japanese Research Center of Shanghai International Language University, "Professor)