It is related to Taiwan, and the United States is going to under the Chinese eyelids?The People's Liberation Army cruises Taihai

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It is related to Taiwan, and the United States is going to under the Chinese eyelids?The People's Liberation Army cruises Taihai

2021-11-28 00:02:32 22 ℃

According to the World Network November 19, the new US Air Force Minister, known as "Big Pak", recently released the rhetoric. In an interview with the media, he said that as a bombing strategic bomber, the stealth strategy bomber, which can implement routine bombing and nuclear bombing tasks, but also act as an air command platform and invisible in drone. Aerial brem. That is, "In the early days of the conflict of Taiwan Sea, B-21 can set up advanced smart mines in Taiwan's Straits under the eyelids of China's S-400 air defense system. In the view of the US media, this statement of the highest position in the US Air Force, in fact, it is open to the B-21 "raid" stealth bomber to strive for funding to ensure the normal progress of the project.

The reason why Kemndell chooses to be excused with "Taihai Conflict" because the new assessment of Nosrop Grumman, from R & D, purchase to the operational stage, the US Air Force next-generation invisible bomber B-21 may The taxpayer will spend at least $ 203 billion, which has also triggered a non-discussed member of Congress. Therefore, in the case of tension in Taihai, KFR's statement is very "reasonable" for B-21. But in fact, B-21 has a smart mine in Taihai area is only a day dream. China has the world's most advanced anti-hobody, even the most advanced F-22A invisible fighter has been discovered by the People's Liberation Army, not to mention the invisible performance What is a weaker B-21 invisible bomber?

Analysts pointed out that the People's Liberation Army not only has advanced anti-stealth radiability, but also has advanced remote air defense missiles. More importantly, in addition to air defense missiles, in communication with large-scale replacement 歼 -20 stealth fighters. And this also means that if the US military B-21 bomber dares to close to the Taiwan Strait, it will be a big network that has already been paved. Therefore, KFR wants the B-21 bomber to only "fantasy" in Taiwan, the "fantasy", at least the current technology of the US military bomber, it is impossible to do things.

Of course, KF del offers more research and development funds in Taiwan's Straits, and on the other hand, the United States has never given up the idea of ​​"intervention" to Taihai conflict. Although the US President Biden has indicated a position, the United States adheres to a Chinese principle and does not support "Taiwan independence", but it does not indicate that the United States will give up the "Baoda" commitment. Therefore, once special circumstances occur in the Taiwan Sea, the United States does not have the "Tettime", but it will definitely want to stop China 's mainland to achieve the unity of cross-strait, and ensure that the strategy of "Teihua China" continues.