Putin sent 90,000 military crushing Ukraine, will it be war?

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Putin sent 90,000 military crushing Ukraine, will it be war?

2021-11-28 00:02:47 25 ℃

Russia and Ukraine should say Russia and Ukraine, the war is about to break out, is it true? is it so serious? Then let's take a look, Russia is doing now, first, Russia has concentrated more than 90,000 troops. Some people report that he has more than 92,000 people, deployed in this Russia, near the border of Ukraine, what is this? What is this?

Of course, he is not a tourist station, he must have an action. Ukraine and Russia, due to the seven years ago, a very fierce conflict has caused war, then this gunpowder is very strong. In addition to these more than 90,000 troops, Russia also adjusted deployment, expanded this armored tank troops stationed in the local area. In the past tank troops called Tank Brigad, now expanded, expanded into tanks, to stationed in this Russian and Ukraine The border has also formed a new assault force.

The increase in these troops, Ukraine has deeply stressed, but now Ukraine, his troops are not Ukraine a few years ago. He also adjusted in these years, his strategic deployment, adjusted his own force, and Russia did not dare to act rashly, but Russia's various troops have been waiting, then when will he, start this small scale? Or large-scale conflicts. That some people analyze that it is about winter, it is to launch an assault before the end of the winter. Because we know that Russia and Ukraine, his border areas, his road is easy, through these armored vehicles, this will last longer, this conflict, then this is hard to say.

But there is this military observer analysis, this is what he is determined by Ukraine, how big is the determination they resist. In addition, what kind of support is given to him, but in short this time this time, the force has expanded his troops again, and the border is engaged in some small-scale exercises, and the force is re-arranged. He is not a saying. Moreover, he must have action. His action is not the kind of little action, it is frightened to scare you, he must do the ten shot, you have to do it, will it really fight? When will I play?

Everyone wants to think about it, this Putin wants to do things, Russian officers, he must not give up easily, since there is so many troops, he must have actions, of course, we must also look at the international community, for this matter How come to see. I have to say a word, some people say it, say that we must conflict in Taihai, Russia will certainly come to support, everyone wants to think, Russia now has so many questions, will he come to support you? Will he help you?

Don't talk or not express, it is a support for you, then Putin has been expressing recently, saying that this China is going to solve Taiwan problems, there is no need to use force, use his economy to solve it, this from another side It will be explained that his own problems in Russia have a lot, and he will not participate in the issue of our Taiwan Sea.