NATO's largest mistakes lies in the 1990 mentality, fantasy and weak Russia.

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NATO's largest mistakes lies in the 1990 mentality, fantasy and weak Russia.

2021-11-28 00:02:02 18 ℃

"Russian Global Affairs" magazine, Odor Luganov said that the recent Russian relationship is turbulent, the United States is increasingly intervention in Ukraine, which is likely to cause a new round of cold war. Since Germany, the Safety architecture of the European continent, even in the 20th century's tense period, still maintaining the East and West Action Agreement. But now, this situation does not exist. Because in 1991, NATO became the world "The only military club", and other organizations have been disbanded.

As part of political and ideological eastward expansion, NATO has experienced a series of seemingly no problems expansion. NATO will incorporate most of the original Soviet Union in the country, but in fact NATO does not do the preparation of war to protect them. Fortunately, in the first ten years after the Soviet Union, Russia is very weak, which relies on foreign partners, and even European assistance. But now this situation has changed, Russia is stronger, but NATO is not willing to look directly.

In 2008, NATO NATO countries conducted a fierce debate, France and Germany had a pressure of the United States without incorporating Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. Obviously, European big countries are afraid of Russia's overhaul response. However, compromises lead to worse deadlocks. Two neighboring countries in Russia have committed to eventually join NATO. Russia and these two neighboring countries have happened, and Russia supports a separate power in Georgia, and annexed to Crimea in Ukraine.

This contradiction is unable to reverse. This also means that Ukraine and Georgia are completely reversed to the West and the United States. At present, Russia's firm allies have only a white Russia, and this allies are very unstable. Refugee in Belarus and Polish borders is getting more serious, Europe is put pressure on the White Russian government. In addition, there are differences on the Russian border issue, and the geopolitical crisis in the Balkans, etc., there are many emergencies in Russia to face. It is foreseen that Putin will never be soft when taking military means to solve the problem.

NATO's serious mistakes lies in that Russia is unlikely to be as weak in 1990, NATO is still in the heart of Russia who deals with the weak Russia in the 1990s after the Soviet Union. Russia's economy is not prosperous, but has resumed the vitality, Russia's military power has completed the new military transformation, forming enough combat power. In other words, European is facing a normal, can play their own influence modern Russia, rather than a rotten stall left after a Soviet Union.

NATO continues to take a unhappy push action, then see the occurrence of the Crimea incident again. If NATO is actively attacking, we must brave the risk of military confrontation and Russia, then Europe will feel the cloud of the cold war again. The American attitude is also very clear. The next goal of the United States is mainly Asia-Pacific, and it is China, so Europe is mainly resolved by Europe. Europe can no longer rely on the United States to maintain security issues, but must stand in front of Russia who is unwilling to face. (Military fish)