The figure said: Vietnamese all kinds of heavy weapon machine guns mainly fight against helicopter rockets

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The figure said: Vietnamese all kinds of heavy weapon machine guns mainly fight against helicopter rockets

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On November 14th, the "Picture" said: The various firearms of the firearms in the overcoming part of the various firearms are more than a museum. The article will introduce the more common armed weapons.

The Czech ZB26 light machine gun on the over-air position, 7.92 × 57mm caliber, and many of this machine gun is provided in China.

Yue total (VC) has a lot of properties: communist political groups and revolutionaries, terrorist organizations and guerrilla warfare. However, in combat operations, the more regular army is a light troops.

They highlighted quickly and had excellent concealment, from the mountains and jungles, suddenly appeared in the South Vietnam. They mainly use a variety of light weapons. In addition, VC is also very good at using traps to deal with their enemies. In the early 1960s, VC's tactics were very successful, and the South Vietnamese government army was expelled from large-scale land and restricted its activities in a minority city and isolated military base.

This article is an introduction article released by the "Armorylife" website, the author Tom LaemLein, I translated and edited to everyone.

The Relibel Mac MLE.31, the Ruiber Mac MLE.31, which is seized from the Nanyi army in the Hand of the VC in 1964.

In 1964, VC commands have steadily increased to more than 100,000 people, and more and more victories. At that time, there were only 23,000 US military in Vietnam. But in 1965, this number increased to 184,000, and more than 20,000 soldiers from South Korea participated in the actions of the US military.

The US military seized the VC firearms seized by the Shan Mountain in Fuji, which is the Soviet RP-46 (or China 58). The remote machine gun is the RPD (or China 56) class machine gun.

In 1965, with the large-scale expansion of the US military, the battle situation of VC has changed huge changes. The enemy they face is no longer a lack of combat power, but also the US military of modern weapons, and this enemy's tactics are more aggressive.

In March 1966, the US Navy Marine Corps seized and showed 7.62 × 54mmm of the diameter of 7.62 × 54mmm.

From 1964 to 1969, the Land's consisting interviewed hundreds of VC prisoners. Their survey report showed that VC's demand for heavy weapons has increased, especially they deal with the aerial strength and armored vehicles of the United States.

These prisoners stated that they were attacked by the US military battle bomber and armed helicopter, compared to those who were more afraid, although they said that these helicopters were very easy to hit or hit the ground firepower. However, the scan of US military helicopters has a very threat, usually more killing than the dive scan of the battle bomber, because the distance when they open fire, can be circulated in VC trenches and scattered, and scaven. On the other hand, they said that the rockets launched by armed helicopters are not very threatened.

Adjustment with the US war

In October 1968, a VC diary seized by the US military was written: the current anti-American war compared with the previous anti-law war ... The current anti-American war is more difficult and difficult. The scale of war is much larger, much fierce. In the trenches that our army didn't have to sleep in the underground, the French did not have a barbaric killing tool in the US B-52 bomber.

The US soldiers are looking at February 1968, during the Spring Festival offensive, the RPG-7 rockets that have been damaged from VC armed hands.

As the United States put more military resources in Vietnam, the advantages of US military technology have begun to affect VC. The US Air Force bombardment and the US Army armed helicopter began to cut off the VC army's replenishment line, and air strikes the assembly of the VC army. In the ground combat, the US Army and the Marine Corps's armored troops use M48 main battle tanks and M113 armored vehicles "bullying" only light weapons of VC army. Although the opportunity to play armored in Vietnam is very limited, when the US military uses tanks and armored shipping vehicles, they have had a huge impact on VC. A report of Land, 1965 shows:

Many respondents believe that the armored vehicles, especially M113, the result of fighting results and VC troops, especially those who are not equipped with the VC forces equipped with anti-armor weapons. Quoted a few scenarios, the VC army was panicked and significant losses when they were attacked by tanks or M113 armored shipping vehicles. However, these interviews reported that the supply of anti-tank weapons from China has increased steadily.

RPG-2 provides a powerful anti-tank weapon for VC, and it emits the armor (Heat) to break through 175mm thick armor.

The new anti-tank weapon for VC is the RPG-2 of the Soviet Union, as well as China's imitation 56 rocket tube. This is a simple and lightweight, launching, launching 82mm high-explosive anti-tank warhead (Heat), can break through 175mm thick armor. RPG-2 is very light, and the weight is only 4.5 kg after installing the ammunition. The effective range is approximately 150 meters, so it can take the dead angle with the shooting angle of the US military armor. RPG-2 is particularly effective for aluminum alloy armor (maximum thickness 44mm) of M113 armored shipping. More advanced, powerful RPG-7 can transmit a variety of ammunition, which is seized in July 1967.

In 1968, the VC began to receive the RPG-7 rockets provided by the Soviet Union, and the effective range was doubled, and the Power of Piece was almost three times. For VCs, RPG-7 can launch high-explosive film to kill, which makes them have portable artillery.

Anti-helicopter weapon

The VC Regular Army and the soldiers of small-scale local forces have been trained, and weapons in their hands can be used to antine aircraft, especially helicopters. VC infantry training is very good, all signs indicate that the level of training is raising. VC emphasizes the use of machine guns and automatic rifles, but also indicates that they mainly use rifles and rpg in air defense operations. South Yose guerrilla (NVA) and VC regular army emphasized that any weapons can break down the enemy.

- US Army experience lesson report in 1969

Helicopter killer: Dishka (DSHK) heavy machine gun (HMG), 12.7 × 108mm in the diameter, seized in March 1966.

In the last century 50, in the 1960s, the US military began to focus on nuclear war and space competition, but in the battlefield of Southeast Asia, this kind of war form is a fatal infantry war. Vc is almost unable to fight the US high-altitude flying jet, but they learned how to avoid the way the US air reconnaissance. However, the US helicopter is completely different, and they constitute a serious and direct threat.

The Chinese 53 machine gun seized by the US military is equipped with a ring-to-air door.

SG-43/53 Machine gun, this rifle caliber (7.62 × 54mmR) medium-sized machine gun provides VC a more powerful anti-US helicopter. VC knows that many of the infantry weapons they use can be against the helicopter at close range. Due to the lack of special air defense artillery, they used the Tactics of the Second World War II, that is, when the infantry light weapon is used to raise an attacking machine against low-altitude flight. This tactics becomes more effective as the VC army has more and more SKS and AK-47 rifles.

12.7 × 108mm caliber Dishka heavy machine has become a VC army against the powerful weapon of the US helicopter.

In 1966, the VC army began to update heavier weapons. One of the particularly effective machine guns is the Dishka heavy machine gun developed by the Soviet Union, 12.7 × 108mm caliber, and the gun body is about 34 kg. Only in terms of firearms itself, it is different from the US Montoning M2 heavy machine gun, and both ammunition is not universal. Dashka helps the VC army to defend important positions from the air strikes of American helicopters and become a change in combat rules. Dishka or China's 54-style heavy machine gun is 600 hair / minute, effective range of 1800 meters, and hits many US and South over the helicopter during the Vietnam.

In 1969, a report of the US Army pointed that the effectiveness of VC on empty defense is continuously improved. Improvement. "

Team automatic weapon

The US military showed the VC weapon, which can discove Germany MG34, France FM 24/29 and the US M60 machine gun.

The VC army always is happy to receive any light machine gun. This weapon is light, and the firepower is very good, it is very suitable for them "playing" tactics. The first team of VC used to use the automatic weapon seems to have entered the Military History Museum. Although most of these weapons have been quite old, and because of the tone of logistics, it has played an application in the Hand of the VC army, which is still quite fatal on the modern battlefield.

During the World War, the Soviet Union seized several thousand German MG34 machine guns and then provided to other communist countries.

Germany MG34: The Soviet Union offers VCs in the Second World War II from the MG34 machine gun seized in the hands of the Germans, as well as firearms produced in Czechlovakia after the war. MG34 machine gun diameter 7.92 × 57mm is a well-made weapon. Theoretical radio speed is up to 900 hair / minutes, usually used in 250 non-bulk chain or 50 drum-shaped bulk cartridges.

In 1966, the French FM 24/29 light machine gun seized by the US military, many of the machine guns were seized from the French army in the first printed war.

FM 24/29: The Heritage of the Vietnam's Anti-Major War, the VC army has continued to be used after seized the French colonial army. The gun diameter is 7.5 × 54 mm, and the 25 rounds of the 25 rounds mounted on the top of the machine are used. From the end of the 1940s, this rifle has been served in Southeast Asia in the late 1940s. Due to light weight (9 kg), it is very suitable for short Vietnamese soldiers. In 1964, the south army showed the seized ZB26 machine gun.

Czech ZB26: In the mid-1920s, a pioneer light machine gun design led the British machine gun. At that time, the Czech had achieved great success in the sales of light weapons, and this 7.92 × 57mm caliber machine gun was in the international market, especially China got a lot of orders. Many ZB26 is provided to the North after a long time in China. A large number of ZB26 rely on excellent performance, short-time removal of the VC army's fire power. This machine gun is 9.6 kg, which is equally suitable for Vietnamese.

The Soviet DP: VC received all the models of the Soviet DP machine gun, from the initial DP-27 (using 47-boused disc) RP-46, these machine guns used 7.62 × 54 mmR ammunition.

In 1968, a Australian soldier is showing the RPD light machine gun just seized.

With the Soviet Union, China began to provide more weapons to the South Yue guerrillas and VC, and more advanced Susk machine guns began to appear in the VC army.

Soviet Guo Sanov SG-43 / SGM: This is a medium-sized machine gun designed by the Soviet Union, with a wind-cooled tube, a diameter of 7.62 × 54mmm. Although the gun body is only 13.8 kg, it is equipped with a wheel gun frame with a weight of 26.6 kg, a total weight exceeds 40 kg. Although this is a reliable machine gun, huge weight greatly limits the VC army to use this weapon in an offensive operation. At the same time, China also provides VCs with a China imitation version 53 machine gun, and the two are very small.

The US military seized the Soviet RPD or China 56-style light machine gun with a diameter of 7.62 × 39mm.

RPD / 56-based light machine gun: Since RPD retired from the Soviet army in the early 1960s, these light machine guns became part of military assistance and provided to various communist countries. The gun diameter is 7.62 × 39mm, and a semi-scattered 100 bullet chain can be used, and it is placed in the drum type chain box. In 1968, RPD has become a standard light machine for the VC army. This light machine gun theoretical radio speed 650 / min, provides reliable support of firepower.

Yue Rocket Weapon

As the United States continues to grow, the US base, especially the Air Force Base has become the high value goal of VC sneak attack. Initially, these attacks use a medium mortal gun (81, 82mm) and a 60mm mortar gun. Over time, VC began to use 57mm and 75mm inadvertent support guns to perform such tasks. Although there is no more shooting accuracy, it often brings quick and deadly retaliation of firepower due to obvious launch characteristics. In the end, VC applied the rocket to the sneak attack action.

Soviet M-14 140mm rocket, equipped with 3.6 kg TNT high-explosive film fighting department, is a very simple weapon.

The rocket is simple, easy to carry, and becomes an ideal weapon when VC performs sneak attack tasks. A total of three models are available: 107mm, 122mm, 140mm, which can be launched from simple tubular emitters even on earth. In order to prevent the US military from returning according to the launch characteristics of the rocket, the VC Rover Force usually does not use the launcher to launch more than five rockets once, and when the ejaculation is launched, the most only one is only two. Before the US military reacted, they had disappeared into the jungle.