Is it a friend?On the occasion of Dutter, the biped daughter suddenly dried a big event.

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Is it a friend?On the occasion of Dutter, the biped daughter suddenly dried a big event.

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After Dutter, the Philippines showed a tough attitude towards the United States, and it is more friendly to China, which is certainly not seeing the United States. Nowadays, Duttert is coming soon, and his biological daughter suddenly dried a big event. It is very likely that Dutter's departure is only temporary. His daughter Sara can inherit his clothes. Dutelt's political concept is still possible, and the United States will be stronger from the neutral, support more intimate candidates. Go up. However, who can eventually win the election, and now I can't predict that the US tentacles can affect the election results of the Philippines, and have the test of time.

Dutter will leave

Dutter has been president for a long time, the Philippine election is about to begin, Dutterte is also ready to leave, and also said that he will leave the polit. However, his daughter Sara has recently done a big event, and she announced the exited of the Mayor of Davo, and also joined the Democratic Power Party. Such a strategy has been used in Dutterta, which is also likely to participate in this presidential election. If this is the case, then Dutter Period, the policy can be continued. The Philippines will continue to be hard, while maintaining friendship, which is also in line with the interests of the Philippines.

US needs

For the United States, you want to achieve your own print too strategy, you need to draw allied partners in the India, the Philippines is a very important ring, the Philippines' Subic Bay is the place where the US military wants to enter, once the United States can There is a solid military base here, then the influence of the United States in Punan will be able to increase significantly. Just, if it is Duttel Leading the Philippines, then the US plan is difficult to implement. Therefore, Sarah's movements will definitely cause attention to the United States. The United States will definitely have a candidate who will support other authentic sentiments, turn the Philippines into their own chess pieces.

Avoid the border team

However, most countries are actually reluctant to choose the border team in the big country, and the Philippines is the same. There are not a few countries to act as the American horse, because it will only become the cannon ash in the conflict, the United States wants to fight against China, and other countries are reluctant. And China cooperation is the consensus of the international community. In this way, why should I follow the United States dance, and China? This does not comply with the interests of the Philippines, nor does it in line with the interests of other countries. Philippines is never finally launched, you need to consider the influence of Sino-US relations, starting from your own interests, make the right decision, don't easily embark on the American thief boat, which will only regret it.

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