The United States still regards Iran as the largest "eye nail" in the Middle East.

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The United States still regards Iran as the largest "eye nail" in the Middle East.

2021-11-28 00:03:24 25 ℃

Although the United States under Baiden is more eased than Trump period, the United States has always been tough on the treatment of Iran. Although the Biden government has continued to promote the US returning to the Iranian, it does not mean that the US prejudice to Iran is eliminated. In fact, the United States still regards Iran as the largest "eye nail" in the Middle East.

Not only is the negotiating table to continue to press Iran, but also sent army in the Iranian Gulf area to intimidate Iran. Iran is of course not a soft bone, especially after a strong new president. The conflict between the bay area is constantly recently or even caught out.

Mei Yi sent a fierce conflict

According to Iran media reports, the Iranian revolutionary guard conducted positive conflicts in the Persian Bay region and the US military, and Iran can be described as a heavy loss. Iranian nine soldiers announced in this conflict.

Although Iran and the United States have not revealed more details on this conflict, it is seen from the attitude towards the media when the US defense is interviewed. Obviously the United States will increase the military power in the Persian Bay.

The US defense said that the United States will never leave the Middle East, in order to maintain the local "order". It is said that the United States will send the army to the Gulf area just to protect the "free open" of the channel. At the same time, it directly said that military operations in the Gulf region are to curb the development of Iran's nuclear weapons. Iranian President Iran, II, Iran, will be able to return to the negotiation table with so-called "constructive opinions", and the United States considers the relief of Iran's sanctions.

US negotiations have been maximized

Although the United States has always said that they have to return to the Iranian Agreement, the actual actions in the United States are not so friendly. Not only do you want to make a step on some questions, but also means that Iranian sanctions can be relieved, and the US arrogance is coming to Iran.

In particular, the new President of the Iranian government has always hangs "anti-US" often hangs in the mouth. At present, Iran's attitude is that Iran is willing to negotiate with the United States unless all US sanctions in Iran are willing. The attitude of the United States is also very tough. It is to completely relieve the sanctions of Iran.

The US sanctions in Iran have seriously affected the economic development in Iran, and Iran even improve their concentration of concentrations of enrichment to apply to the United States. The United States directly sent a military to the Bay area to respond to Iran's pressure.

It is still in the rupture of Iran and the United States. US IIR does not seriously affect the degree of instability in the Middle East, which is very likely that there will be new conflict events in the Middle East.