US media: a US "Ragan" aircraft carrier died, working in the nuclear reactor

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US media: a US "Ragan" aircraft carrier died, working in the nuclear reactor

2021-11-28 00:03:33 23 ℃

[Global Network Report Reporter Xu Wei] US "Army Times" website reported on November 24th, the US "Ragan" aircraft carrier died in Japan.

According to the report, "Rigang" aircraft carrier spokesman Dao En Stancu, the 20-year-old mechanic, the 20-year-old mechanic of Ohio, the body of the firefighters Brandon Forbes were found on Friday (November 19), And before this, he has disappeared for several days. On Friday morning, the US Navy Crime Survey received a call, the Forbes' bodies were discovered in Yokoshi Navy facilities.

Sthantu said that the death incident of this US Navy's soldiers is still in investigation, but there is no evidence that this is a murder.

Stanku also revealed that Forbes work on the nuclear reactor in the aircraft carrier, I just took the ship less than one year, this is his first position in the Naval Force.

"We express our deepest mourning to firefighters Brandon Forbes family and friends." The United States "Ragan" aircraft carrier commander Fred Goldhamer said in a statement.

It is reported that the US Navy's "Ragan" aircraft carrier has been sent to the Middle East to implement temporary deployment tasks. Since June, I have been in the Middle East, and I returned to my mother port located in Yingquan, Japan. Fred Goldhammer, the "Rigan" Aircraft Carrier, was previously stated that during the deployment period, the "Reagan" is also cooperated with many countries including the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, France and Germany.