16 Intercontinental missiles continue to launch, NATO 27 Hassey shake, the United States has worried

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16 Intercontinental missiles continue to launch, NATO 27 Hassey shake, the United States has worried

2021-11-28 00:03:22 21 ℃

Although the Soviet Union has been solved for 30 years, the Cold War of US Su has always been the topic of people. Since 1947, the Cold War of "No Smoke War" is officially burst, the last continuation is more than 44 years, and human beings face "doomsday disasters", such as Cuba crisis, and the end of 1983. Fortunately, the two countries in Meisu finally closed their hands in time, and finally avoided disaster.

So, if you want to do it, what will the final result? In this regard, the Soviet Union can explain everything in August 1991. At the time, the Soviet Union held a military exercise named "Hippo No. 2", and the Soviet Northern Fleet commander Suri Nikov.

It is reported that in order to complete the exercise, the Soviet Union specializes in a nuclear submarine named New Moscow, which can be equipped with 16 Intercontinental missiles. As Sarinikov colors, 16 Intercontinental missiles have been fired in only 4 minutes.

According to data, the 16 Intercontinental missiles of this launch are the third generation of intercontinental missiles in the Soviet Union, with a liquid rocket engine, the maximum range can reach 8,300 kilometers, and 4-way nuclear warheads can be carried, while each nuclear warhead is at least at least More than 250,000 tons. It is to know that the NAP has only 25,000 tons in Japan, so the new Moskovsk nuclear submarine is equivalent to 640 times that of Hiroshima atomic bomb.

In addition, the strength of the nuclear submarine equipment equipment is not small. It is reported that its water drain can reach 11,750 tons, and underwater drainage is 18,200 tons, the maximum dive depth can reach 400 meters, and the strength is far from the US nuclear submarine. Although the United States in the last century has improved great progress in the aircraft carrier, the development of the submarine is less than the Soviet Union.

If the 16 Intercontinental missiles of the Soviet Union are enough to give the other person to the power of the other party. Therefore, after 16 Intercontinental missiles, the United States did not make a sound, and the NATO 27 Hassey trembled, and the outside world called this exercise as "doomsday rehearsal". 4 months after the end of the exercise, the Soviet Union announced that there were more than 15 countries overnight.

However, even the case, the United States is still awkward. It is also because of this, so the United States dares to implement sanctions against Russia, dare to send warships to the entrance of the Russian family, but never dare to fight Russia. Of course, the Soviet, the Soviet Union also gave birth to my country, only strong strength, with a strong sense of deterrence, will make the opponent feel fear.