Russia also produces several new generation machines, small-scale mass production, is also equipped with improved engines

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Russia also produces several new generation machines, small-scale mass production, is also equipped with improved engines

2021-11-28 00:02:45 28 ℃

At the moment, the Sino-US Russia can also independently develop manufacturing five-generation fighters, but compared with China and the United States, Russia seems to be slightly behind in mass production. Since this year, the Russian air departments have clearly accelerated the project to advance the five generations. Not only that, after the Su-57, Russia launched a fifth-generation fighter Checkmate. On the Dubai Air Show held in the near, General Manager of Russian Joint Manufacturing Company, General Manager, Musica, publicly stated that CHECKMATE has been small-scale production, and this fighter is also equipped with an improved type AL-41F1 engine.

From the fighter positioning, Checkmate can be seen as a derivative of Su-57, and many Russian media have also reported that this fighter model number is likely to be Su-75. According to the introduction of the Sukuji designer, this fighter is standardized by F-35, but the more pursuit of cost performance is also a five-generation fighters in Russia's main overseas market. In design, in addition to performance configuration such as five-generation fighter standards, an open architecture can meet the personalized configuration requirements of different users. According to the data released by Russia, Checkmate's flight speed is 1.8 Mach, and the voyage can reach 3000 kilometers, and its power system has been attaind attention.

We know that the Russian fighters have a lot of short boards in terms of power performance, life, and power consumption. In order to make up for the gap between Western countries, Russia opened the "117 Program" to build a new generation of Air China. According to the plan, Russia will eventually develop AL-41F2 engines. The engine is the "product 30" engine that was previously tested on the Su-57 prototype. Since far, the "product 30" engine still does not complete the stable, Russia's state-of-the-art route system is the transition product AL-41F1-S engine in the "117 Plan". Previously, Russian Su-35S was equipped with this fighter, showing first-class ultra-machine functionality. According to the Sukuji designer, Checkmate also uses the improved AL-41F1 engine, which will also become a big selling point for this fighter.

Since the CHECKMATE fighter, the Russian air departments and the media have been adopting high-profile advocacy. Previously, Russia has been introduced. In addition to the obvious way, the weapon system of Checkmate fighters is also very powerful, and any task can be completed outside the enemy air defense weapons. At the same time, the Russian military high-level is clearly stated that in addition to the Russian army, this fighter will be fully introduced to overseas markets, focusing on Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Since the current American five-generation F-35 has been largely mass production, in order to snatch the market, Russia must speed up the rhythm of the project. According to the plan, the Checkmate fighter will be fly in 2023. As the engine is in place, the follow-up work is fully accelerated, and the date of the checkmate fighter mass production is also adjacent.