At the age of 44, play the role playing, two battles destroyed half of the fighters, scores 7: 0

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At the age of 44, play the role playing, two battles destroyed half of the fighters, scores 7: 0

2021-11-28 00:03:10 25 ℃

September 30, 1966, the US Air Force 8th tactical fighter team stationed in the Thai Wenhan Air Force base came to a new master, Robin Olds, everyone is full of lover, this is full of lover. The 44-year-old family name "old" is the party.

Robin Oz born Army Army Aeronautical Military Family, from a small year to "Air Knight", add the US Army Air Force after graduation, although participated in the battle in May 1944, but at the end of the war, 12 German airplanes . The newly established American Air Force after the war will focus on missiles and strategic bomber, and the air fight has become a old yellow calendar. Austria was crowded because of the idea of ​​adhering to fighting air combat, but the shortcomings of the Air Force, the last air force high-level is really tired of this spray, and he sent him to the front line of Vietnamese.

■ Robin Oz sit in his P-51

At this point, the 8th team named "Wolf Group" was a rotten stall, which lost 18 F-4Cs only in 200 to September, which lost 8 in September. After Azpia, it concludes that this is the result of the air force from the bottom to upward. His predecessor only flew 12 mission in 10 months, so the elaborate will undoubtedly get people 's heart. The Air Force's command deployment is a mess, "" There is no tactics at all, and every day, the same route is died, this is dying. "

■ Just to Oz (left), there is no longer to leave the iconic beard, and the John Stone next to him will soon become Oz's fascia and think tank.

The White House sets a no-fly zone and the limited flight to avoid killing the Russian advisor to stimulate the policy of Russia, although there is no big mistake, but in the specific implementation, the escort fighter must close the bomber to escort, repeat the German mistakes in a non-rumor. When I study information at night, Oz turned, "Damn, how to seduce these Migg machines to the place we can get"? "

■ In January 1966, the Northern East began to deploy a small number of MiG-21 provided by the Soviet Union, and equipped the AA-2 infrared guided air-empty missile, which made the US military in the back, but the Migg machine airport is located in the limited flying area.

The tactical staff of the joint team John Stone suggested to play pigs, F-4C camouflage into F-105 combat bomber formations, and attracting MiG machine dispatched. Oze thinks that it is actively communicated with superiors while paying close attention to the training of the team. At a seater in the Philippines in December, he tested on the 7th Air Force Momer, the latter ratified the plan, "Just go to the airport, other other follow you", and give this plan Philippine code, "chopper (BOLO) action. BOLO is a common machete in the Philippine, and it is not a problem with the chopping crop and even chopping brains.

After careful planning, "machete" will be in 1967, but the bad meteorological conditions forced the task to postpone, the second day is slightly changed, at 13:25 in the afternoon, carry the QRC-160 used in F-105 (Alq -71) Interference champion, use typical F-105 tactical call numbers, attack routes and tactical formations, and target the Fu'an Airport near Hanoi. 28 F-4Cs were divided into 7 squads, named "Ozmmmimer", "Ford", "Stroller", "Plymouth", "Storm" and other car brands. Each F-4C is not good, mounts 4 radar-guided AIM-7E "Sparrow" missiles and 4 infrared AIM-9B "Rabetts" missiles.

■ The F-4C of the intensive formation is obviously an empty configuration.

Oz rather collar with his own name "Ozmmimer" squad, the first flying overfront, the weapon opener in the rear seat, scanned around the radar, nothing. Is it broken by the other party? When the turning, the "Ozmmmmmmmill" No. 3 reported that the radar found a low-altitude fast goal over, Az decided to put the play and did not pursue. When the second circle passed through Fu'an, the first MiG-21 came out from the clouds below, and it was just in the 6 o'clock direction of Oz!

Oz quickly turned away from left, and he was handed over to the knife. At this time he saw that the 11-point position was less than 2 kilometers and another MiG-21. It feels that the Migg machine that doesn't matter is not allowed to jump into the clouds. Oz has played two "sparrows", but the radar lost the goal, and the two missiles were emptied.

Then, another MiG-21 appeared in the 10 o'clock position of Oz, Oz opened, tie rod cutting, a bucket roll to the Migg machine. After the uninformed opponent completes the climbing turn, it is just 1.5 thousand, and the yaw is 20 degrees. Oz quickly played two "snake snakes", a hit, the right wing was fritted by the Migger drove.

■ F-4C Tell Myster-21

At this time, the sky is "all the meter", "Ozmmimbir" 2 machine uses Ozmmore to attract the opportunity to start the Miger, and touch the other side to play two "sparrow", one Hit, blown out the other side of the other. "Ozmimbir" machine is also made as a method, keeping up the MiG-21 biting three machines, although the "Rattlesnake" did not achieve the ideal reflection signal, but after the launch, it was perfectly locked and shot down. Target. The "Ozmmimmimer" team shoted down three, and the perfect end of the battlefield.

The "Ford" team arrived at 15:04, and the colonel of James with teams found two fast-proopable goals, but suspected that the "Ozmmimer" team withdrawal is a mobile phone for the insurance. Observing the other side movement, at this time, it was only a big shot and found a 50-day meter! Four aircraft of the Ford rapidly left to the right away, and the MiG colored to the left was almost almost in James, James hurriedly rolled away from the other side. Although the Migger machine has turned off James's two "sound snakes", it is just moving to the front of "Ford", which is exploded on the spot by "Ford". Immediately after the "Stroller" team added to the war group, the team is the John Stone, and the sky is already full of aircraft and missiles. The "Stroller" 2 machine covering the long machine is found in the long-range machine, 4 MG machines appeared 8 kilometers, but the radio failure could not report! Stone and "Snapers" 2 have fired two "sparrows", each shot down a MiG, and the fragment of the Migger injured the "Wushu" No. 2. "The Wander" No. 4 is pulled out two "sparrows" after a nearly 4G mobile, and the target just exploded and found that there was a parachute to open - obviously the other person aware of the fact that there is no more than an early escape.

At this time, some people shouted, "Unknown call number F-4C, you have a rack of MG, quickly flash"! So all "ghosts" on the Hanoi is beginning to turn right. It was biting, and he did not pay attention to his back of the two meters, a string of 30mm shells, but they were hid by Stone. After the two sides were out of contact, they did not dare to stay in love. After the four squads came, they did not find any enemy planes, and the meat was eaten by the previous wolves.

■ Oz is lifted down and celebrated, and he has already put a thick eight-word Hu. According to the US military, the pilots must not exceed the mouth of the mouth, the height is not lower than the upper lip line to ensure safety wear oxygen mask, but Oz is to despise the help of the boy who wants to be a bird.

The battle continued for 13 minutes, only 12 F-4Cs were in battle, but at 7:0 in the air combat with 14 MG-21, and the MiG-21 in the north is only 16! Later, according to the intelligence, the Northern Northern 921 fighter tarter was actually lost, the pilot was rescued, of which Wu Yuding, one of the kingdoms of Northern Vietnam (Vũ NGọc đỉnh, claimed 6 results, the US military confirmed 5).

■ The 921 fighter plane is the Vietnamese Air Force Triple Ace Force, which has now been replaced SU-30MK2. In the middle of the middle, Wu Yuding, awarded the rank of the army, and the president of the discharge of the school.

More importantly, this demonstrates the importance of fighting air combat in modern war, seemingly cumbersome F-4Cs are completely not complete in the mito-21. The north is trying to retaliate, but it is still fishing. On January 6, two F-4Cs flew in the intensive formation. Beibe Radar misunderstand the reconnaissance machine that was disconnected, and 4 MG-21 of the take-off again were shot down again. The hustle and north of the north did not dare to increase. In this battle, MiG-21 is also far away from the missile and then runs away.

■ Otz and his landline, Scard 27, have been applied to two result of the logo, and the official recognition of Oz driving the machine and falls four, and Oz said that he can't hit the fifth, but then I have become a trump, I have to say goodbye to the front line.

In September 1967, Oz was transferred to the US Air Force College. He left a true "wolf group". At the end of the Vietnam War, the 8th team confirmed the results of 38.5 results, and became the US Top Miger killer. The Oz style "bulletproof beard" has also become a new fashion, since in March every year, the US Air Force "Beard March", many people will leave eight characters Hu Jun Memorial this legend. As he said in the hands of Vietnam, Tang Logman said, "Robin Oz is born for the battle, not for the Pentagon. Even if we only have .45 pistols in his hand , I will also give him a cartridge into the Hanoi. "

■ "You have a high level of the air force, or to learn a"