Russian army industry also volume: strong sales of new MiG-31, compete for Russian military limited resources

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Russian army industry also volume: strong sales of new MiG-31, compete for Russian military limited resources

2021-11-28 00:02:34 25 ℃

Sukuji is now the main fighter provider of Russian Air Heaven, and the rice in the Soviet Times is not two, and it is even likely that it will eventually disappear. Although the Russian air troops still bought some MiG-35 fighters, and continued to upgrade the active MiG-29 fighters and MiG-31 interception machine, there is no doubt, compare, MiG, now It can only be described in the sun and Xishan, Sukhoe occupies the vast majority of resources in the field of tactical fighters.

Recently, the Russian "Sokor" Aircraft Manufacturing Factory reported to the Vice Minister of the Russian Defense, Alekse Krevaruchi, said that after the upgrade is upgraded, the combat power of the MiG-31 interception machine will increase by approximately 2 times. . I hope to obtain affirmation from the Russian military, which can upgrade the large number of MiG-31 interception machines of active service to MiG-31BM standard. If it can be successful, at least "Sokor" aircraft manufacturing plant is not in the coming years. Will be a headache, limited military expenses, so that Russian military enterprises have also fallen into internal volumes.

The "Sokor" aircraft manufacturing plant is now the main business of the active MiG-31 fighters, and upgrades to the MiG-31BM standard. In addition to resolving body aging and rust problems, replacement wires, rubber gaskets, etc., the most important thing is to fully update MiG-31's avionics, allowing it to use more modern weapons. Thus the combat power is 2 times.

At present, most of the MiG-31 of the Russian Air Senior Equipment is the early model. Its airborne electronic equipment has long been unable to meet the needs, and even because the fire-controlled computer is in line with the enemy identification system, it is caused Missing the malignant accident of long press in the drill. The maximum upgrade of MiG-31BM is a new "barrier -am" passive phase control, the detection distance is 320 kilometers, while tracking 24 goals, it is also possible to attack 8 of them at the same time. Even the role of a temporary warning machine. MiG-31BM has the ability to launch new R-37 active radar to guide remote empty missiles and R-77 active radar guided from the air-to-air missile, and it is possible to launch a variety of various sides including "dagger" high supersonic missiles. Precisely guided weapons.

However, if the "Sokor" aircraft manufacturing plant can get the Russian Ministry of Defense, it is difficult to say. After all, MiG-31 is the first interception machine, a single function, and is very motorized. Although it is repeatedly a large-scale shore of Russia, including bomber, reconnaissance machine and anti-submarine escort, it is far less than a variety of active service. Sukhoe fighter. Compared to the upgraded MiG-31, the Russian Ministry of National Defense may be more willing to put resources on the Sukhui heavy-duty fighters, and use multi-purpose fighters to perform a single intercepter mission, which is already mainstream. In fact, in addition to Russia, there is no country with heavy interception machines to perform interception tasks, and the roles played in the Air Force system more efficient.