Dare Diaoyu Islands?On the 25th, Japan's victory was suddenly fooled, and China's sea police had the right to fire.

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Dare Diaoyu Islands?On the 25th, Japan's victory was suddenly fooled, and China's sea police had the right to fire.

2021-11-28 00:03:11 25 ℃

According to Global Times, it is said that the Japanese version of the "Marine Corps" Self-Defense Force Self-Defense Force is held on the 25th, the date media claims that this is to improve the so-called "defense capabilities" to deal with China in Diaoyu Island and Its affiliated island is pressurized.

According to reports, about 100 "Water and Dai" players in the 25th of the 25th took 9 AAV7 water and land amphibious charpers, from the transportation ship parked 10 kilometers away from the coast. After it occupied the coast, two LCAC cushions landed in the shoe from the sea and transported large carriers to the shore. The report also claimed that before the landing of the Self-Defense Team, the water thunder for the sea self-defense team implemented the mine-saving operation, the self-defense team ship and the aircraft implemented an attack exercise.

In recent days, Japan has a provocative move in the Diaoyu Islands in the Diaoyu Islands. Japan's 2021 "Defense White Paper" claims that Diaoyu Island is "Japan Territory", and the China "Sea Police Law" violates international law.

In this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie said in the routine reporter on July 13 that the Diaoyu Islands and their affiliated islands are inseparable part of China 's territory. The Chinese side carried out cruise law enforcement activities in the Diaoyu Islands, which is to exercise their own power and is legal. "Sea Police Law" is a routine domestic legislation, not for specific countries, fully compliant with international law and international practice. In fact, similar laws have been developed in many countries, including Japan. The "lie diplomacy" and double standards can be rest!

Of course, we should also prepare in force, in the past, the previous sea police law enforcement process, perhaps the use of guns with guns, but now there is a powerful guarantee of "Sea Police Law", we should be more powerful and Active attitudes should respond to all kinds of sea threats. It's not that I shouldn't be fired now, but what should I do if there is a lot of fire? In this case, it is also an idea that the sea police ship is equipped on the sea police ship.