Iraq in Saddam's ruling period, medical housing, school, nourishing, free, every family has a car

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Iraq in Saddam's ruling period, medical housing, school, nourishing, free, every family has a car

2021-11-28 00:02:57 22 ℃

We now know that Iraq always devastated, which can be intuitively feel from the ruins, the country had been subjected to anything. But we do not know is that Iraq actually used to be a very wealthy country, Saddam was in power, it is capable of medical education with both hands, then why in the end it became this look like it now?

Rich Iraq

As we all know, if the Middle East in accordance with wealth, they should be the world's richest regions. They have rich oil resources, while oil is also known as black gold. Now, the human military, aviation, people's livelihood can not do without oil, oil has brought to our lives portable.

So, the price of oil is very expensive, and therefore, as the people living in the world's major producer in the Middle East, and their life is very rich, so that the Iraqi people. Saddam was in power, had petroleum as a springboard to develop the national economy, a fact that Iraq has become very rich. So Iraq was in the end how rich it?

Before Saddam Hussein, Iraq has the resources but no way out, it means they will not have money to use. Iraq's national economy is very poor, not only did education, are quite poor even basic health care system, not to mention the economic policies of the other.

After Saddam came to power, began a radical reform, he knew the importance of education, so vigorously through the education. At that time in Iraq, most civilians are illiterate, but under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, only a few years, let the per capita level of education in Iraq to achieve a rapid increase.

Improve the level of education, the problem is behind the pension. After Saddam's efforts, Iraq pension system is also very good, even truly old age. Iraq turns out to be the time came heyday, everyone at home is very rich, not only every family has a car and house, and the hands of the people at their disposal more and more money.

Increasingly affluent Iraq this future is excellent, but two things happened next, let Iraq become a hell on earth, once returned to liberation.

Iran-Iraq war, costly

Seeing Saddam Iraq under the leadership of their own increasingly wealthy, he began planning his own empire. Saddam believes that Iraq as the world's second largest oil powers, requires a lot of armaments to satisfy their own security. So in the rich countries, who buy a lot of advanced military equipment to the Soviet Union, the establishment of a strong army.

Only good military equipment, is the largest pride of Saddam. In the late Saddam Hussein in power, it is only because of the backing of the army, he only dominate the Middle East and dominate the world of ideas. First, he had to religious differences with their country of Iran from the conflict. Soon, the Iran-Iraq war broke out.

Iran-Iraq war lasted seven years, during which Iraq never be as rich as before, a lot of wealth with the continued warfare and gradually die away. Although Iraq is rich in oil, but because of the war, the oil output and exports have been extremely limited, the Iraqi finance to the brink of collapse, but unfortunately, Saddam can only borrowers everywhere to maintain the domestic economy.

Iran-Iraq war eventually die a natural death, the two sides in addition to costly nothing Laozhuo, Iraq still owes a debt ass. In order to pay off debt, Saddam want a bad idea, it is to raise oil prices threaten Kuwait, so that he can pay off the debt faster.

But the move was rejected by Kuwait, Saddam sent troops angry again, attacking Kuwait. Kuwait is threatened, the United States completely sit still, since the outbreak of the Gulf War, the war in Iraq has also become crushed the last straw.

Gulf War, the outcome is bleak

The Gulf War is a classic in the history of world war war, the United States with a Gulf War taught the world powers, how to fight a local modern war. The war the United States by virtue of the absolute superiority of sea and air firepower, Iraqi forces completely avoided. Iraqi mechanized units there is no room to play.

If the Iran-Iraq war, the two sides played seven years still have to have back. Gulf War the United States has just more than a month, on the full occupation of Iraq, seems like an adult playing a child is generally easy. In cooperation with the powerful armed forces of the US military, Iraqi forces do not even have any decent resistance, the capital will hand over both hands.

Saddam a good hand to play dilute broken, if he stable development, perhaps in the future there is the strength to fight with the United States, but unfortunately, two wars, completely ruined the future of Iraq, can be said to be Quesada Farm loser Saddam.


After the end of the Gulf War, Saddam was eventually sent to the gallows, the end of his life. However, Iraqi citizens who can no longer enjoy less than the previous health care, education, pension and other livelihood and welfare, poor life began again.

War is undoubtedly brought endless suffering to the Iraqi citizens, now devastated Iraq, it is difficult to imagine it used to be a rich city. Its outcome people sigh, but also alert the world that the world needs peace, the people want peace.