China-Japanese and Korean leaders meetings or reapoleum soup, the Japanese media said that there is no condition, the Chinese fire responds

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China-Japanese and Korean leaders meetings or reapoleum soup, the Japanese media said that there is no condition, the Chinese fire responds

2021-11-28 00:03:59 58 ℃

In recent years, the most striking in Southeast Asia is nothing more than Sino-Japanese and Korean, but because of certain historical legacy issues and the reasons for Japan and South China station team, there is a deep contradiction and dispute between the three countries, and the three countries solve These issues have developed the leaders' meeting to strengthen the exchange of three countries.

Daily media

It is reported that in 2021, Japan and South Korea Leaders have not officially announced the date, many media guess because of a variety of problems, this meeting is likely to be overdue again. Niki media guess, the reason why the meeting will cancel is that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still very serious, and the reason is that the relationship between Japan and China and South Korea is still more tense.

Niography pointed out that Japan's biggest problem is in the conflict between the Diaoyu Islands, and the conflict between South Korea is because of the sovereignty of the Delivery, these issues have already appeared in 2012. In 2015, it has also caused these problems The meeting is interrupted. It is difficult to reach a consensus in Sino-Japanese and Korean leaders in 2019, hoping to cooperate in various fields to achieve progress, but with the upgrade of Diaoyu Islands and Single Island issues, this cooperation is stranded again.

China-Japan and Korean conference issues

As we all know, the cause of the Sino-Japanese and Korean Leaders Conference is a consensus jointly reached in the Three Kingdoms in 2008. The leaders of the Three Kingdoms decided to organize the meeting in the three countries to discuss the issues related to cooperation, and solve the three countries with the most peaceful attitude and high efficiency. Existent dispute. However, Japan has repeatedly violated the bottom line of China and South Korea, in the face of historical issues left by the World War II, Japan repeatedly escaped responsibility.

In addition, in South Korea will hold a presidential election next year. The current president is in the middle of a unknown, so in the future, South Korea will implement what foreign policy will be treated and the relationship between China and Japan is still unknown. of. For these rumors, there has been no response in Sino-Japanese and Korean, which seems to have confirmed the thoroughbubble soup.

China Rapid Response

In the face of multinational media for the relationship between China and Japan and South Korea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson pointed out that "China-Japan Han interviews the neighboring partners, carrying out the three-party cooperation in line with the common interests. China highly attached great importance Japan and South Korea have always maintained communication with Han Day on the three-country cooperation agenda. "

However, although China said that the three countries have always exchanged, we all know that the attitude of Japan and South Korea treat China is still very biased. Therefore, the meeting will have a more significant meaning for the relationship between the Three Kingdoms. This meeting stops It will cause some adverse effects, but we believe that China's economic development will steamed it.