Putin just vocal: China Russian relations are at the highest level in history!Another country's president sent China's thick gifts

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Putin just vocal: China Russian relations are at the highest level in history!Another country's president sent China's thick gifts

2021-11-28 00:02:02 25 ℃

When using various means to chase China in the United States, it does not forget to use various means to destroy Chinese friends. However, this means is destined to have no effects and value. Recently, Russia clearly sounded, expressed its full affirmation and recognition of Sino-Russian relations. This is also the best way to attack the Western forces to destroy and taw Sino-Russian friendship relationship.

In the 18th, the Russian Foreign Ministers, Russian President Putin was publicly sent, saying that China and Russian friendship is permanent, and the exchange cooperation between the two parties in economic culture is equal and mutually beneficial. Sino-Russian will continue to strengthen political cooperation, so that both sides More responsibility and obligation are taken in the transaction. At the same time, about China Russian relations, Putin directly said that China Russian relations are at the highest level of history.

Putin's statement allows the United States to discuss the practice of China Russia relations, the United States can be said to be a matter of concern in terms of dealing with China's international relations. First, the United States-based Western camp is directly related to Chinese interference and accusations in international relations. As we are well known, "human rights issues" are often used in the United States. But the United States forgets that he often has a black-killing black, beat the black incident invades human rights issues. The freedom equality and humanitarian declared in the European Western countries did not land. According to reports, Poland and Lithuania have eventually beat and abuse the border refugees, and treat the refugees in the Belarus border with violence. In this regard, the Belarusian government has voiced and will completely trace this matter. So, what is the humanitarian spirit and human rights freedom in Western countries?

In addition, the United States has always been in Asia to build a copper wall of China in China. Japan and South Korea is not very passionate, because Zhong Japan is the strongest country in East Asia, economic exchanges and cooperation among the Three Kingdoms is constant, and the three countries will cooperate in many fields. In addition, ASEAN countries are also regions in the United States, but ASEAN is increasingly close in the economic go of China, and it will not become the American colors in the United States.

In addition, President Kazakh has sent a gift to China directly on the recent public. According to foreign media reports, President Kazakhstan Todakiev disclosed in the near future government meeting, and the friendly relationship with Russia and China is unharavised. Kazakhstan will continue to cooperate with China's deep communication, and the cooperation between the two parties is equal and mutually beneficial.