Russia Delivery S-400 Time Pakistan Success Templarball Missile

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Russia Delivery S-400 Time Pakistan Success Templarball Missile

2021-11-28 06:03:37 62 ℃

Pakistan's Armed Forces Public Relations Department (ISPR) released on November 25, and Pakistan successfully tried a "Shaheen-1a) on the same day. The missile is considered to have strong outfighting.

This declaration says this test aims to re-verify the design and technical parameters of the weapon system. The Pakistan's Armed Forces Strategic Plan Department, Nadim Zach, Mangji, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali, and engineers, etc.

Manji will congratulate Pakistan scientists and engineers to successfully carry out this flight test, appreciate their excellent technical strength, dedication.

According to early reports, January and March of this year, Pakistan successfully tried a range of "Shaoxin-3" on a range of 2750 kilometers, and a "Shaoxin-1a" land with a range of 900 kilometers. Turning missile on the ground. These missiles are considered to have nuclear blow capabilities.

Disclosure, "Sha Xin -1a" is a solid fuel mid-balloon missile, which is improved by the previous "Shaxin-1", and the range of shooting and higher strike accuracy. "Sha Xin -1a" has strong scalables, and the warhead is equipped with one ton to adjust the flight trajectory of the warhead to improve the premieration of the hit and avoid the interception of the defense system.

According to early report, Russia has begun to deliver S-400 air defense system equipment to India. The Indian army will deploy at least two sets of S-400 in early 2022. Former Indian Air Force Deputy Director Boshan Goyhar, India is likely to be first deployed S-400 air defense system in its western border areas.

According to analysis, with the Indian army equipped with the S-400 air defense system, it will become one of the weapon systems that the Pakistani army must actually confront. At the moment of receiving the equipment in India, the Pakistani military test has a strong ballistic missile that breaks through the anti-guiding system interception capacity, re-verify the design and technical parameters of the missile system, which is likely to be related to the actual combat research, while It is also a display capability.

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