Can you explode India T-90S?Bangladeshi, China, China, China, VT-5 tank, enhance the power of the Army

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Can you explode India T-90S?Bangladeshi, China, China, China, VT-5 tank, enhance the power of the Army

2021-11-29 00:03:46 60 ℃

Author of "military force planes times": I am a big Ivan

Recently, the North China official social platform, issued a news shipment to the customer delivery VT-5 light tanks of the type of foreign trade, from painting these VT-5 tanks of view, should be from 2019 there are rumors, but there has been no real hammer landing, part ordered by the Bangladesh Army VT-5-type light tanks, it appears that this is currently the Bangladesh military trade contracts already started up.

Mentioned VT-5-type light tanks, but mention it in this user "Bangladesh", estimated that many readers are a bit ignorant: VT-4 VT-4A, and we all know that large Ivan also mentioned several times, the former the user can confirm the Royal Thai Army and the Nigerian Army, bought a total of several dozen units, which can be confirmed by the user is the Pakistan Army, an unknown number of purchase.

VT-5 than a larger volume VT-4 (taken in large Ivan 2021 Zhuhai Air)

The VT-5-type light tanks we also know that the beginning was rumored that we own type ZTQ-15 light tank "rival bid", later changed to military trade, on three consecutive Zhuhai Air Show are on display in the middle also turn over a turret configuration, but it has been heard of clients, how now suddenly also "open up shop" to find the next home?

Why Bangladesh procurement VT-5?

The mention of this user VT-5 of Bangladesh, many people do not know is the case, perhaps there are so few readers know that Bangladesh was originally East Pakistan, there are so few readers know Bangladesh is located in the Ganges River, hot weather a large population, is surrounded by marshes and low-lying area countries. However, when Bangladesh became the weapon of Chinese users, but also from Chinese imports VT-5 type this rather advanced light tank? We estimated that we are a bit confused situation.

Big Ivan was taken in 2021 Zhuhai Airshow

Bangladesh is a traditional Chinese weapons Users

In fact, from the "historical tradition" Bangladesh army, it has always been in the country although there is no sense in the eyes of people, but it is real, Chinese weapons "traditional users":

Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army, the Bangladesh Army tanks are almost all from three generations of Chinese arms trade imported, including about 60 69-2G type medium tanks, more than 170 sets of 59G type of medium tanks, as well as 44 sets of the most advanced MBT- 2000 main battle tanks. In these tanks, the most notable is the 59G-type medium tanks, Mengjun cooperation with China from the beginning of 2018, the introduction of sophisticated retrofit kits from China, to upgrade to 59G 59BD standard, for which additional wedge in front of the turret and sides anti-armor module explosion, fire control system mounted stabilization, but also a powerful switching to 125 mm tank gun type and the APFSDS trade, with the ability to punch through T-90S main battle tank main armor.

C28A corvette

The Bangladesh Navy in recent years, and the Chinese side also cooperate more closely, just ordered six C28A-type corvettes (that is, 056 corvettes Jane with foreign trade) from China, present the first order has been delivered. Therefore Overall, Bangladesh as "old customers" We made weapons, and a new generation of tanks on the conversion of foreign trade can phase in our new tank is purely normal.

Bangladesh imaginary enemy

And from Bangladesh Army's main adversary, the main combat scenarios to analyze faces, Bangladesh do need more advanced equipment part of tanks or armored vehicles: As a surrounded on three sides by India, only a neighboring country, India, Bangladesh only one mission undertaken by the Army to avoid being Indian land invasion, including, but not limited to, the Indian army full invade and occupy the territory of Bangladesh, the case of the Indian Army Eastern Command in Siliguri corridor severed "route" Bangladesh States and other troop movements east to the Indian state of Assam.

To this end, under the Mengjun all 10 infantry divisions, two armored brigades of the division (11th Division and 55th Division) all configurations in Bangladesh, India and the border line, which assume the task of maneuvering to attack even from the 55th Division Calcutta, India's third-largest city, less than 100 kilometers, assumed a defensive battle deployment and offensive.

Bangladesh Army

Therefore, in terms of pre-combat missions, Bangladesh Army armored main battle facing opponents, naturally the Indian Army's T-90S, T-72M1 main battle tanks, Bangladesh Army needed a motorized or static defense in the offensive operations, effectively beat these two third-generation main battle tank of "conveniently" equipment.

Bangladesh operational environment

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Army main battle equipment, but also faced with a very special operational environment: Bangladesh geographical environment, as we said above, its large tracts of land are located in the Ganges delta on the sea, dense river network, water area even account for one-tenth of the land area; and the country's hot and humid summer weather, precipitation range, annual rainfall of up to 3000 mm, with four to five months each year during the rainy season, the rainy season the country on a flood plain. In short, the Bangladesh Army armored units facing combat environment, than our military forces in the southern summer to face a combat environment sinister.

Bangladesh Army

According to the experiment of our army in the south in the 1970s, it is best not to exceed 35 tons in South China and Southwest Water Network Rice Fields. It is best not to exceed 35 tons, other than ZTZ-59 tanks. All over the battle, otherwise, either need to use the transfers to build a rushing army for tanks, seriously affect the offensive speed of the armor troops, or just wait for the tank to slowly crawl in the rotten hump, the same truth is the same as the Bangladesh army. Be applicable. VT-5 and VT-4 (Davan takes 2021 Zhuhai Air Show)

Therefore, in summary, we are not difficult to understand, why Bangladesh army will be a medium-sized tank that we develop, including the latest VT-5 light tank, but to the Zhuhai Air Show, such as VT-4 and equipment dynamics The absolute "star" in the show is not interested. After all, I got the equipment that I didn't open in the actual combat, then I didn't buy it?

VT-5 performance

At the same time, since Bangladesh has settled VT-5 light tanks, how is the performance of the tank that meets the needs of the Bangladesh Army, against the third generation of the enemy of the Bangladesh,? From the performance of VT-5 light tanks on several Zhuhai Air Show, Great Ivan believes that the tank is a performance excellent performance, and there is a "characteristic" light tank.

VT-5 performance is quite excellent

It is quite good to say that VT-5 tanks is excellent, from the following aspects, you can see it:

The VT-5 of the whole force accelerates even behind the aerial vehicle.

The first is the power system, and the VT-5 tank uses a power group with a domestic new generation of 8V150 diesel engine. It has an integrated integrated hydraulic gearbox with an engine power of about 900 hp, which is used in ZTZ-96B. The 8V150 engine power is slightly lower, but it is completely enough to light tanks. At the same time, the advanced level of this system, the main technical data, even exceeds the V-84MS engine of the printing army T-90S.

Davan takes 2021 Zhuhai Air Show

Secondly, the VT-5 light tank fire control system, from the photos taken on the Zhuhai Air Show, the VT-5 light tank is equipped with a set of performance of non-VT-4 tanks. Control system, all system includes gun long aiming instrument (with independent thermal imaging channel), the long weight of the vehicle (also with the second generation of independent thermal imaging instruments), the gun long aimer has the anti-stabilizing fire control capability, The front of the long weight of the lens is automatically tracked.

The whole system is extremely advanced, the system response speed, the ranging angle accuracy, the hitting distance reached the third-generation main battle tank post-type level, and even as ZTZ-99A main battle tank; as for the Indian army equipment The 90s main battle tank, because it is also a TNP-4-49 / 23 passive red air night vision aid, its viewing distance is not as VT-5 light tank. Therefore, in the expected confrontation, it is possible to be in a disadvantageous position.

Finally, the VT-5 light tank's firepower system, like ZTQ-15 new light, VT-5 tanks are also equipped with a long-distance 105mm caliber gun, using tail bullet and whole Loading drugs, reliable supply system, continuous emission speed can reach around 7. In the case of ferryl, VT-5 is in the case of a 105 mm BTA-2 APFSDS equipped with foreign trade, and it is said that it can reach 550 mm to 600 mm equivalent average steel armor. It is more than enough to deal with the T-90S main battle tank. It is more than enough to deal with T-72M1.

Overall, the VT-5 light tank's firepower system is quite powerful. It is also quite powerful, compared with the print army equipment, the unclear, the measured 2000 meters away, only more than 400 millimeters is equivalent. The 3BM42, BTA-2 APFSDS of homogeneous steel armor is simply artifact.

VT-5 protection is very distinctive

And the VT-5 light tank is a "very distinctive" tank, mainly reflected in its defensive ability. We all know that according to the design and performance of the ZTQ-15 light tank, the tank is a tank that is unhappy, and the ability to wear the main battle tanks such as T-90S while wearing the armor. Defense performance is not as good as "whiteboard nine six" type, so there is no wonder that it is called "light", which is completely mobile, fire control performance and informationization to achieve the purpose of fire, no It is desirable to rely against APFSDS (tail stabilizing shell harvested) with armor.

It can be installed in the direction of key protection according to the addition or decreased additional armor at any time.

However, VT-5 light tanks, although expensive as "light tanks", but it is in a defense performance, but there are some unique things. According to the situation in the Zhuhai Air Show, the exhibition staff once talked that VT-5 tanks were designed to focus on the mainly designed surface by effective protection, ensuring that in part, VT -5 light tanks have the main battle tank-level anti-wear capacity. Of course, this anti-wear capacity is not high in the case of VT-5 tank combat, but it is better than VT-4 main battle tanks, but it is better than a typical light tank. Special detection equipment can also be warmed by the enemy laser irradiation

In this sense, VT-5 light tanks are a very special "light main battle tank", both of the light tank configuration and combat all over, and some of them have the main battle tank protection performance, this When it is confronted with a typical main battle, there is no doubt that a little bit of gas, this is the real feature of the VT-5 tank.

In short, let us expect VT-5 light tanks to join the Friendship National Army early, and look forward to the dynamic display of the 14th Zhuhai Air Show next year, VT-5 light tanks can have more excellent performance.