If the US is really "walking without the way", will it choose to fight?Zhang Zhaozhong, a voice, the truth

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If the US is really "walking without the way", will it choose to fight?Zhang Zhaozhong, a voice, the truth

2021-11-29 00:04:08 72 ℃

As a country in the world, the United States has the largest number of aircraft carrier, the navy strength is very powerful, there is no country than a country, so it is also very proud of the United States, and it will be a military exercise in the sea from time to time. Two is also to determine the country. In fact, some countries with weak military power, whether they don't have to provoke the United States, but Russia is not the same, this country is very tough, no matter which country is unfavorable, the country will not Even if you are easy to let.

However, it is worth noting that the United States is a country that attaches great importance to international status. In order to protect their national status, it will naturally not let Russia, so often harass Russia. In the face of such a situation, Russia began to develop a tool to deal with aircraft carrier. Previously, Russia has said that Russia relies on nuclear submarines, successfully launched a submerged ballistic missile, Russia also said that the missile has the ability to carry high supersonic warheads. External speculation, the high supersonic warhead referred to here is "zircon" high supersonic anti-ship missile, and other air defense systems are difficult to intercept.

In recent years, Russia has been developing sea power, although there is still a certain disadvantage in the aircraft carrier research and development, after all, the economic ability is not strong, but Russia has never given up. Shortly after the news of Russia, Reuters also came to news, the latest test of the US high supersonic weapon failed, the test failed due to the rocket booth failed. In fact, in this field, the United States has been less than Russia. In the face of such a situation, some people put forward a problem, if the United States "walked no way", will it launched a war?

In the face of the problem, my country's military expert Zhang Zhaozhong gave an answer. He analyzed it, it was very thorough. In his opinion, the US launching war is small, mainly because of the influence of the epidemic. As we all know, the epidemic has led to a serious decline in the world, even if the United States has not hovered, it is more important that the United States has also developed one of the most serious countries in the world. If there is a military infected virus, Will be tired of many people, and may even develop into a "virus nest", and this is clear in the United States.

In addition, there is an important reason, that is, the international situation, although the United States often disrupts the international situation, but in a certain extent, the United States does not want to fight, from harassing Russia, you can see. As we all know, the United States often provokes Russia, but the United States has never been moved, even positive conflicts in Russia, despite this, but we can't relax, after all, the international situation is turning a lot, and which country cannot expect.