ASEAN refuses to worship, choose to cooperate with China, and economic development is true demands.

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ASEAN refuses to worship, choose to cooperate with China, and economic development is true demands.

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China and ASEAN become a comprehensive strategic partner, and the cooperation between the two major economies is absolutely an epoch. ASEAN refers to ten countries in Southeast Asia. This ten countries have 650 million people, 4.5 million square kilometers. In fact, last year, ASEAN has always hoped to improve the level of cooperation with China. This time, two major economies work together, but in the United States, it is not possible to donate $ 200 million in Southeast Asia in the United States.

It can be seen that there is how strong the will of ASEAN is. Of course, this can also see that the United States is really no money. ASEAN has always been the second largest trading partner in China, second only to the EU. With the impact of new crown epidemics, the EU is also chaoting, and ASEAN has become the largest trading partner in China. The establishment of China and ASEAN's comprehensive strategic partnership can only explain one problem, ASEAN does not want to become a good gray for Sino-US game. Who doesn't want to make money?

Iron screen speech opens the cold war

I. Interesting history of ASEAN

It's quite interesting to talk about ASEAN. At the beginning of the establishment of ASEAN, it is actually a frontier position of the United States to curb socialist camp. After the end of the World War, the United States screamed the cold war to pull the whole world. The characteristics of the Cold War are the confrontation of the US Soviet parties with agents. Southeast Asia is also a front line position.

At first, Southeast Asia was controlled in the United States. India is the British colonies, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. are all French colonies. But after the end of the World War, the national independent sports wind rises. Vietnam rebells the colonial colonial in France to start against sports. Subsequent France was rushed by the Vietnamese Communist Party, and it was the United States. The second Vietnam War broke out, this is also a classic war of the United States once again, then the gray face is running.

In order to maintain the scope of Southeast Asia, the United States has established a "Southeast Asian National Union". On August 8, 1967, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia met in Bangkok, Thailand, "Bangkok Declaration" is born, and the Southeast Asian National Union is officially born. In fact, this alliance and NATO, Baghdad Treaty Organization is similar, mainly to circumferent the Soviet Union.

Famous Saigon Time

The Philippines in this is not used, as the US's family is naturally very smooth. Singapore and Malaysia are all inner colonies in the UK. At this time, they also focus on the United States. Indonesia is in the anti-China climax, and it is also very willing to join this organization.

But no one thought that the United States defeated Vietnam. The United States has experienced the toss of the battle, and the strength is also greatly weakened. At this time, due to the high rise in international oil prices, the Soviet Union has gradually ushered in our peak period. In such a context, in 1975, Vietnam was staged in Saigon, and the United States was on Southeast Asia. In 1977, the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization, which exists with ASEAN announced dispersion. At this time, ASEAN has no need to exist, and this alliance is once discarded.

Second, ASEAN misunderstand misunderstandings into economic organizations

But no one thought that ASEAN became a very important economy. In 1984, Brunei became an ASEAN member state; in 1990, Johnson has been added in Myanmar and Laos; Vietnam Join ASEAN; in 1999, Cambodia has also joined ASEAN. At this point, ASEAN covers the entire Southeast Asia became a large economy.

At the same time, the United States continues to push the ASEAN to the opposite side. When the Soviet Union exists, the United States is still installed. But when the Soviet Union disintegrates, the United States exposes the true face. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has begun to gradually finance. The US dollar has no golden bondage, which can be unlimited. At this time, no earnings should be relaxed in the United States without the use of cheap capital. Japan is the first harvest, Southeast Asia is the second harvest. In fact, the United States also wants to harvest Germany, but only the Eastern Europe drama has become a merger, and Side has got a lot of labor and high-quality assets, blocking the harvest of the United States.

Asian financial turmoil

Third, the United States, a blood of the station, is better to find China

In the late refoundation, the low-profit entity industry has gradually transferred from Japan to the four small dragons in Asia, four small tigers. Many of these countries belong to today's ASEAN. At the end of the Cold War, a large number of public goods began to impact the former Soviet countries. ASEAN's economy has developed rapidly. At this time, the United States has begun to use the capital of Southeast Asia in the early years to harvest.

From Soros to make an empty baht, Southeast Asia became a wave of leeks. And this is not over, just a start. After the 2008 subprime crisis broke out, Southeast Asia was also cut by the currency of the United States. Of course, there is also an EU. Two years later Europe broke out the "European debt crisis".

While constantly cutting leeks in the United States, China is in a stable economic environment. In 1997, when the United States wanted to complete the last wave of harvesting, it failed when it stretched into China. China's independent financial environment allows US capital to taste. RMB became the most firm currency throughout Asia.

In the next 2008, China once again showed its own institutional advantage. After the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis, all the world's overall economy is sluggish. However, China uses its strong production capacity, not only helping the United States to relatively super-surprising currency, but also drive the development of the whole world. It can be said that after 2008, China is the engine of the world economy.

Southeast Asia has a lot of Chinese

Fourth, China and Southeast Asia close contact

It is worth mentioning that China has a close relationship with Southeast Asia. The history of the United States is only more than two hundred years. Sometimes I have to write the Indians into my history and swollen fat. However, the exchange of China and Southeast Asia can catch up with thousands of years ago. In the first 111 BC, the Han Dynasty was conquered to the south, and when the territory expanded to the sea, China and Southeast Asia began to communicate. Vietnam is a major country in China for a long time. Then the sea Silk Road is open, and the exchanges between China and Southeast Asia have increased. And because the exchanges of both parties are increasingly frequent, a large number of Chinese to Southeast Asia settle. Southeast Asia should be the most Chinese area.

From a reality, China has a common appeal with ASEAN in an economy. The cooperation between the two sides is enlarged, and it can constantly make up for the economic deficiencies in both parties. And China's resilience of the two economic crises, let Southeast Asia know that cooperation with China can have better economic development. After all, compared to the United States, China is more stable, and there is no need to worry about the problem of dollar harvesting. This is also an important reason why ASEAN refuses to worship, choosing to cooperate with China.

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