May often become six often?184 national power, including the US Russia, India wants to pay?

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May often become six often?184 national power, including the US Russia, India wants to pay?

2021-11-29 18:02:16 64 ℃

For a long time, India is not willing, trying to improve its own military power, and also vigorously developed its own research and development, and want to achieve the transformation from "military purchase big country" to "military sales". In addition, it has been applied to join Wu Chang. To prove the identity of your big country, it has been rejected by the "one vote veto", but India seems to have ushered in the transfer. The joint force of 184 countries is in India. The United States is also in it. Is there a five often change six often? ?

All countries are clear, the Indian wild heart is very big, always want to fight for the first Asia, but its independent research and development capability is a difference, and this is a must-have feature of a big country. To this end, India can be described as working hard, cooperate with Russia. R & D 2.0 version of "Bramos" cruise missile, "Wickland" domestic aircraft carrier has also completed the second sea trial, Indian people are very satisfied, and New Delhi even has set "three-navigated plans". At the time, India must ensure that there are two aircraft carrier fleet groups. In this regard, the outside world is not in the, after all, "Victor" is a hoe in one step.

In addition, India also releases the news to build their own international space stations in 2030, and also means that they will not help to any country. India has a heart to prove that their big country is, but never stopped introducing advanced equipment from other countries, but the road to independent construction is unusually hard, the situation is full, even the domestic aircraft carrier "Wiklant" is flooded In the United States, Russia and Israeli and other countries traces, some people can not help but ask, since India's strength can't afford a wild heart, why will I get 184 national strength? If the United States and Russia are rare, it is unanimous?

Some military experts said that there were more than 200 countries to vote, 184 countries support, it seems that India's support rate is very high, but more countries have wanted to get huge benefits from them, and military sales is a very fast-moving area. Moreover, India often introduces several times higher than the price of the market price, naturally retreat. Of course, there is a more important reason, that is, US Russia support, to a certain extent, the Indian international influence, the United States wants to consolidate the strategy through India, and Russia also wants to alleviate economic pressure by means of India.

However, the Council does not only have US Russia, nor will it really change the sky. If you come, it will not become six often. After all, there is no country is willing to divide the interests. Once you have opened this first, the international community Or there will be a big change, and this violates the original intention of establishing the United Nations. More importantly, India's own strength is not enough to support its ambitions, even if the US Russian support is not, in front of one vote, India has more efforts are futile.