Adhere to the road of strong military in China (study and implement the party's 19th China Plenary Session "

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Adhere to the road of strong military in China (study and implement the party's 19th China Plenary Session "

2021-11-30 06:04:19 63 ℃

"The Communist Party of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Resolution") "Resolution") fully summarizes our party to practice the initial mission, dedicated to the glorious history of national rejuvenation, condensed the construction of strong people under the leadership of the party The hardships of the army are a program for the new era of all the people of all ethnic groups of the whole party and the whole party. I adhered to the road of strong military in China, and I deeply reflected the history of our party building army to govern the army. It was concentrated in the era of strong countries to be strong, fully highlighting the party Central Committee, President President's strategic determination and profound considerations in building a world-class army. We must understand the spirit of "resolution", recognize the history of history, grasp the historical law, enhance the historical consciousness, and continue to create a new part of the strong military industry, open up to the second hundred years of struggle.

I insisted on the road to China's characteristics, which is the great creation of our party's hundred-year-old exploration practice.

President Xi pointed out that the construction of a strong people's army is the unremitting pursuit of our party. For more than 100 years, our party has always adhered to the development of China's military issues with Marxist military theory and explores the development of the construction and development of opening up to the big, strong and strong, and continuously moved to victory. In various historical periods, the great practice of the party leading the people's army is focused on which strong, what is strong, what is strong, and how strong, guiding our army along the correct direction, and establish immortal work for the party and the people. . During the new democratic revolution, our party was hard to find the road in the fight against blood and fire, creating and building a new people's army, from the party's clear "revolutionary army must overthrow the capital class" Go to Nanchang Uprising, Sanyan Adaptation Foundation, Gutian Conference, established the fundamental principles and system of party command guns, and then to "three big magic", people's war strategy tactics, "three combined" armed forces system, etc. uniquely created, Form a policy principle of building a military treatment. Under the leadership of the party, our army has been fighting for 22 years of bathing, captured the land revolutionary war, the great victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Liberation War, and laid a solid foundation for establishing new China, completely reversing the passive situation of the Chinese nation. . During the socialist revolution and construction period, the party leaders our army has struggled to build a strong national defense army, establish a strategic approach to active defense, and gradually changed from a single military species to the synthetic army, promoting "five universities", and implements "three systems", Regular unified military training, establish an independent and complete modern national defense industrial system, "two boussing a star" and other defense cutting-edge sciences have made breakthroughs, especially victory, anti-US aid, fighting, to consolidate the people's political power, establishing China's status, maintenance of the Chinese national dignity provides a strong backing. During the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, the party leaders our army strengthened the construction of revolutionized modernization. The guiding ideology of our army implemented strategic transformation, promoted the military change of Chinese characteristics, and took Chinese specialty specialty roads, promoting national defense and military construction. Scientific development, accelerate the transformation of combat power generation model, expand and deepen military struggle preparation, national defense technology and weapons and equipment construction have achieved significant breakthroughs, perform Hong Kong, Macao defense responsibilities, excellent completion of stability, anti-flood rescue, earthquake relief, international peacekeeping, escort Diversified military tasks such as retreat, in order to safeguard the leadership of the Communist Party of China and my country's socialist system, in order to safeguard national sovereignty, safety, development interests, to maintain the important strategic opportunities of my country's development, providing powerful strength support for maintenance areas and world peace .

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the national defense and military construction has also entered a new era. President Xi's strategic height of coordinating the "two largest" strategies, stains the party in the new era of strong military goals, clarifies the mission of our military mission, and accelerate the modern strategic planning and deployment of national defense and military modernization, and promote strong military The industry has achieved historical achievements, historical changes, and provides strategic support to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The most fundamental results are saved the people's army. In response to the party's 18th National Congress, the serious political risks faced by our army, Xi President, helping the crowd, leading the Gutian All Military Work Conference, establishing a new era of political construction military, leading the whole army reorganizing the capacity Set off. Vigorously promote political training, resolutely investigate Guo Bo, Xu Caihou, Human Hui, Zhang Yang, etc., etc., etc. . A series of political design and institutional arrangements for the comprehensive strengthening of our army and party building work, deepen Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking of socialist thinking of socialist socialism, carrying out a series of centralized education and theme education, and comprehensively forged hard-based layers. Consolidating the core, listening to the ideological and political foundation of the command. Comprehensively improve the new era to prepare for the fighting capacity. President Xi's leaders held a military work meeting of the Military Commission to promote the responsibility of the new era military strategic thinking, the new era military strategic policy, and prepare for the batches, and the responsibility of the preparation of war. Vigorously act as a peaceful disadvantage, promote military training transformation and upgrading, pay close attention to the preparation of military struggle, cultivate the spirit of fighting, the deterrence of our army and the actual capacity. In particular, Chairman Xi personally planned to organize major training activities, personally decided to command a major military action, firmly and flexibly carry out military struggle, effectively respond to the sudden situation, achieve a lot of landmarks, pioneering, and historical achievements. Realize the overall revolutionary remodeling of our army. President Xi, focus on the future of our army, the big knife is fully deepening the reform, starting the leadership command system reform, the scale structure and strength to compile reform, the military policy system reform "three battles", form the military committee, the main battle, the military Building a new pattern, creating a military power system with elite combat power, initially forming the basic framework of the Chinese characteristic socialist military policy system system, our military system is a new, structure, a new structure, a new look. Promoting the development of our army to speed up the pace. President Xi personally planned the new "three steps" strategic arrangements for the national defense and army, establishing the development of our military construction, accelerating the intelligent integration of mechanized information, and grasping the "13th Five-Year Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan". The new combat power is constantly growing, and the logistics construction has accelerated the transformation. The main battle weapons and equipment accelerates the replacement, talent training, national defense mobilization, military diplomacy, military theoretical research and other work have made important progress, our army has a modern construction step into the fast lane. Returning to the glorious tradition of promoting the people's army and the fine style. President Xi's close to the whole world from severely administering the party, and strictly governing the army and not relaxing, paying close attention to the national provisions of the Central provisions and ten provisions of the Military Commission. Sexual victory and comprehensive consolidation, the new wind is rushing, the military and civilian relations of military and civilian are more consolidated, and the people's army is good. Looking back at the history of the party, the road to the strong military in China is the hard-working building of the party leaders to build the historical crystallization and fundamental achievements of the people's army. The regular understanding of the rules of the military will increase to the new height and make a honest contribution to Marxist military theory and military practice. As long as you walk down along this road, our army can move towards the world in the world of unstoppable pace.

Second, persistence, the road to China's characteristics, must always adhere to the scientific guidelines of Xi Jinping strong military thinking.

Xi Jinping Qiangjun's thoughts as the latest achievements of the party's military guidance theory, deeply answered the mission, struggle, fundamental principles, strategic layout, important path, etc., is the strong military fight for the people's army Tao, providing a scientific guide and action program for the road of strong military in China. It is necessary to firmly establish the guidance status of Xi Jinping's strong military thinking, according to the direction of the President of the President, the blueprint of the painting, the new era, the military industry continues to advance.

(1) In-depth promotion of political construction army. This is the foundation of our army, and the biggest advantage. Chairman Xi, deeply pointed out that the construction of our army should first be political, adhere to the political construction and mastering the troops in the mind, and make the theme of our military and political work, and require the Chinese dream to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation. The party in the new era of the strong military goal, providing the people's army to build a world-class military team to provide strong political guarantee. Emphasis on listening to the party command is the soul of the strong army, and the party is absolutely loyal to the word "absolute", ensuring that the guns will always master the reliable people who are loyal to the party; the party's leaders and the party's construction is the key to the development of our army , Focus on the party's political construction, enhance the leadership, organizing strength and implementation of party organizations at all levels; give full play to political work to the lifeline of the strong military, put the ideals, beliefs, party spirit, combat standards, political work In the whole army firm, cultivate the "four" new era revolutionary soldiers, forge "four iron" excellent troops; transfer the red gene generation, let the revolutionary cause, the blood is sustainable, and the old Red Army is always the old Red Army. These important discussion are the rich development of the party, and the principle of political construction army in the new era, grasp and implement these fundamental political requirements, in order to ensure the strong political direction of the strong military. (2) In-depth promotion of strong army. Deepening the defense and military reform is the only way to force the army of the army, and it is also the key to the future of our army. Chairman Xi personally decided to include this round of reforms into a comprehensive reform of the total reform, and profoundly clarify the major issues of a series of fundamental directional global. Requirementally promote the form of modernization, consolidate and expand the pre-reform results, promoting the strategic transformation of military and military species construction, and build a modern military power system in China; Grasping the reform initiatives and coupling; open the "last kilometer" to ensure that all reform initiatives are landing, let all the energetic energy of all combat power competition, let all the source of our army modernization "is full of flow; keep always staying forever The toughness and persistence on the road, using the way of reform and innovation to solve new problems, and unswervingly put reforms in the end. When the promotion of the reform and the trunk, you must read all the reforms of these reform requirements, implement, decay, and stabilize all reforms, and provide inexhaustible motivation for strong military.

(3) In-depth promotion of strong military. At present, a new round of technology revolutions and military revolution enters accelerated development period. President Xi's eye is a high degree of military competition strategy, making science and technology are a major discussion of core combat power, issuing an era of the construction of an innovative people's army. Clearly requested the core position of innovation in our army construction, launching the engine of science and technology innovation, enhancing scientific and technological cognition, innovation, and utilization; strengthening forward-looking, priority, exploratory, and subversion technology research Accelerate the cultivation of new scientific and technological growth points, accelerate military intelligence development; key core technology is the national heavyweight, must firmly promote independent innovation, firmly master our military development in their hands; strengthen military value, knowledge value, innovation contribution Guide, let advanced science technology transform as soon as possible to realistic combat power. President Xi's important discourse clarified the focus of science and technology, we must highlight the strategic key, concentrate on power, and go all out to promote the development of national defense technology innovation.

(4) In-depth promotion of talents. Talents are strong, the career is strong, and the talent is prosperous. President Xi, in-depth implementation of the strong military strategy, promoting the modernization of military personnel, and forging high quality professional new military talents. Emphasizing firm establishment of talents is the concept of the first resource, promoting military personnel's ability, structural layout, development management comprehensive transformation and upgrading; implement the military education policy in the new era, accelerate the training of joint operations command talents, new combat power talents, high-level technology innovation talents , High-level strategic management talents; focus on people, focusing on people, promoting the formation of clear, functional connection; adhere to party management cadres, party management talents, creative talents, love talents, dedication, use only environment of. Now that the strong military industry is in the key to the key, more craving more eager than any period in history, and must take the important instructions of the President, adhere to the strategic status of the development of talents, and accelerate the construction of new military talent training systems. Xingjun provides talent and intellectual support.

(5) In-depth promotion of the rule of law. A modern country is inevitably the rule of law, and a modern army must be a rule of law. Chairman of Xi, deeply pointed out that according to the law, from the strict governance army is the foundation of the strong military, which is the basic part of our party building army. It is clear to build a Chinese characteristic military rule of law system, improve the level of national defense and military construction; strengthen the rule of law belief and the rule of law thinking, leading cadres must take the legal law to protect the law to the law; promote the fundamental transformation of the rule of the military, form the party committee according to law, the agency according to law Guidance, the troops operate according to law, the officers and soldiers perform the good situation in accordance with the law; the vitality of the regulatory system is implementing, the bottom is the right to smear, cure, rule the deficiency, the softness, ensure that there is a must, there is a ban. President Xi's important discussion has enriched the rule of law, from stronger administration concept and practice, and in order to follow the fundamental follows, promote our military regularization to a higher level.

(6) In-depth promotion of the war. The army is to prepare for the fight, and the preparation of war is the main business of the whole army. The Chairman Xi asked the entire army to tightly twisted, winning this strong army, firmly establishing the only fundamental standard of fighting power, and returning the focus of the work to the prepared war. Emphasizing the importance and initiative to enhance military strategic guidance, put preparing for war, deterrence and actual combat, war action and peaceful military power, as a whole, research military, research war, research and fight, strengthen joint operational command System and capacity building, do a good job in military struggle to prepare various work; grasp the actual combat military training, in-depth promotion of practical training, combat joint training, science and technology training, can be counted according to law; focus on building all for the logistics, speeding up Adapt to the system of war and the weapon equipment system in fulfilling the mission. We must resolutely implement the important instructions of Chairman, insist on all work to fight, win the focus, and resolutely do the call, come to fight, battle will win. Three insisted on the road of strong military in China, requiring anchor to build a world-class army struggling to attack

Chairman integrates strong military to the army into the strong country, the layout 2027, prospective operation, 2035, far-reaching 3050, put forward clear road maps, timetable, task book, schedule, schedule, schedule First-class "fast forward" to the world. In the face of heavy tasks, pressing requirements, it is necessary to deduct the first step in the construction of the Jianjun's one hundred years, and the new "three steps" is very important, running out the acceleration of strong army in the new era, and strongly promote the President of Xi. Deployment falls.

(1) Do not shake the party to the absolute leadership of the people's army. In the past, our army continued from victory to victory, the most fundamental relying on this, now we win the map strong, build a world-class army, and return to this. In the party's banner, the leader is the first thing to do a good job in Xi Jinping's strong thoughts, to improve the research style for breakthrough, put the theory and practice depth, in the study of the practice, know the letter line unified Medium cultivation loyal product, Square. Building a system of building a system of our army, paying close attention to the implementation of various systems, especially resolute, comprehensive, specific, unconditionally, implements the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission to ensure that the President's direct end, direct officers. Continue to deepen political training, digging roots from the source of ideology, in the circular chain of integrated policy, hit the combination of Zhengzheng anti-corruption, and create a political green water green mountain. In-depth development of party history education, do a good job in cast the soul project, seize the ideology position, gather strong military ideas, and do strong military industries.

(2) Comprehensively improve the ability to fulfill the mission of the new era. The strong country's strong military demand must forge more powerful, more reliable means, and effectively serve as the mission mission given by the party and the people. On the one hand, we must strengthen the spirit of struggle. In the face of the enclosure of the hostile force, block my strong containment and pressurization, we must encourage the spirit of the winning of the victory. From the essentials of the enemy, we will explore the hopes from the enemy's soft ribs. From the perseverance of the enemy, it can be bodied, especially in accordance with the "Implementation of the Spirit of the New Era", and shape the combat characteristics of contemporary revolutionary soldiers, and promote our party's revolutionary spirit. On the other hand, it is necessary to forge hard core. It is necessary to make the military's hand-made means to create a fight against anti-weapon, accelerate the development of the enemy's enemy, and fully tempered the top-saving efforts to build a joint operation, and vigorously innovate high enemies. The strategic warfare, constantly accumulating the advantage of the battle, and master the strategic active. As long as the "grain" of the spirit and substance is prepared, our army will definitely be invincible, and there is nothing.

(3) Accelerate the high quality development of defense and military construction. In short decades, the people's army should be fully built into world-class, the development is slow, and the quality is not high. It must implement the new development concept, promote our military construction and development quality changes, performance change, dynamic change. Pay attention to deepening the reform to be qualified, seize the combat command, power system, logistics guarantee, equipment development, policy system and other fields of contradictions, and the emancipation and development of combat power, liberate and enhance our military vitality with hard-real reform. To technological innovation to be qualified, the key core technical research, promote the construction of major projects in defense technology, accelerate the effective supply of advanced combat power, and achieve high-level technology self-improvement. To be qualified to strategically, it will push away the military management revolution, strengthen the overall overall planning, cross-domain overall planning, military coordination, persistence, construction, and prepare for the promotion, and build a national strategic system and ability. It is a matter of urgent to settle the "14th Five-Year Plan" to twisted the unstead of the big project to support the winning army, and the tribute to promote the modernization of defense and military modernization.

(4) Forging the backbone strength of the strong army.Talent resources are the valuable strategic resources of strong military Xingjun, and the essence of military competition in the world is the competition of first-class talents.To deliberately implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, do a good job in the top-level design and strategic planning of military personnel, highlight the development of war for talents, innovate, and improve the military human resource system, open talent education, experience, hatch, and select, Identification and reward and punishment, such as a new good environment for new military talent groups.As a leading person on the strong military road, leading cadres must not only have higher standards in enhance the skills, but also to have more strict requirements in force, and to the development of bottlenecks in the transformation.In the first line of the urgent task, it is true that the sensitive tricky highlighting contradiction is true, and the growth of the strength of the parents and hardening is the talents, leading the troops to the era of strong military industry."People's Daily" (November 30, 2021)