Is Alien Technology?After the Rosewell flying saucer crashed, human beings found unknown equipment.

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Is Alien Technology?After the Rosewell flying saucer crashed, human beings found unknown equipment.

2021-11-30 12:05:24 61 ℃

After 1947, Luo Wil alien flying saucer crashed, the US military blocked the news and secretly reclaimed the flying saucer and aliens, so what magical alien technology is there on the flying saucer?

After the rice army was withdrawn from the scene, it quickly came to the 509 bombing brigade base. The first time organized personnel to study the UFO technology, the archive information shows that when the light is on the wreckage of the flying saucer, the rays of different colors are sent, and the metal fragments of the flying saucer are folded , Bending, tearing, even smashed into a group, when it is loose, it will return to the original shape, and there is no trace of traces at all, the study shows that such materials are supervised metal fibers.

In addition, when the fragment is placed under the magnifying glass, it will clearly see the fine wire above, a piece of structure is very similar to the circuit, and the study shows that these materials are metal and fabric binders, while also passing light and Electricity. Rose Will has a strip that can make red light, and the laser is very similar to our current laser, you can cut hard things, may be an alien surgical equipment or weapons.

There is also a very similar modern integrated circuit board fragment, as well as a glass tube, scientist speculates that the alien is used to deliver information, take a chip from aliens' eye scientists, which can make people see darkness The object is very similar to the current night view.

In addition, the military also convened a batch of power system experts, specializing in the driving force of UFOs, and experts found that this flying saucer did not have a traditional power promotion control system, and there is no fuel storage device.

Finally, after many experimental studies show that this flying saucer is an electromagnetic wave to generate a gravity field, which is consistent with Bobrala in the Net Transmission 51. The UFO is to change the surrounding electromagnetic space, generate gravity slopes to get escape speed, and then flying saucer It can be moved quickly, and the magnetic field in the universe is everywhere, so the electromagnetic force is equivalent to an inexhaustible power source.

At the same time, experts judged the cause of the surprised crash of the UFO, and then with the complex gravity field of the Earth, plus the disturbance of the thunderstorm in Rose Will, destroying the stability of the electromagnetic environment of this UFO, causing the out of control crash. Scientists have also found that the internal members will not be affected by huge gravity acceleration when the UFO is quickly moved, as if you can't feel a dramatic movement change.

The most worth mentioning is that the flying saucer has a magical device with a magical device at the scene. It is like being a human hair band. At that time, this thing is installed below the ears of the alien, this thing does not have any switches. And pipelines, each of the ends have a contact point, equivalent to the sensor. This magical thing is similar to the head wearing equipment of the EEG. After a scientist took him to the head, he felt the intense stinging and burning, and his eyes would not be jumped, and the colorful light is present. Everyone is very shocking and mentally incredible.

After a few years of depth study, it was found that this equipment was a communication device for exchange information between alien cerebral and UFOs. That is to say, after the aliens bring this device, it will automatically read the brain information of aliens. You can feel your mind, completely control the movement of the UFO, such as navigation, start and stop, and communications, etc. In addition, the aliens who crashed the scenes all wearing silver tights, and the material of the tights is similar to the metal fragments of the UFO, and the tights do not have any openings and seams, such as integration.

More amazing is the characteristics of the tight-fitting, and the heart-induced head wear equipment can give the flying saucer and the flying saucer integrate. Alien is not a driving flying saucer in human cognition, this It is too advanced for a large man's party to control the flying saucer for the time and the present human technology. The Senior Millennium, the Senior Military Emaster, saw that he was very shocking here because he had secretly studied high-end weapon technology, and even H weapons, but these human advanced technology is not worth mentioning in front of Alien Technology.

Koopo said that the retrograde engineering of the UFO has enabled industrial technology to develop rapidly, and the external star technology technology has been applied to industrial development, such as lasers, integrated circuits, fiber networks, bulletproof vest materials, which is the most representative of alien technology. Contact fighter. These ages were simply technically technically technologies that were heaven, but the rice Air Force was developed for only one year, even if it was 60 years later, such technology still universal enemy. (The above content is taken in the network, and if you have confirmed by scientific, please look at it)