4.6 mm caliber AR pistol landing in the civilian market, US personal defense weapons face new situation

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4.6 mm caliber AR pistol landing in the civilian market, US personal defense weapons face new situation

2021-12-01 00:02:42 81 ℃

CMMG announced the launch of 4.6 × 30 mm caliber new weapons

Recently, the famous CMMG, which produces various caliber AR type firearms, announced the introduction of new weapons products of the AR platform and a diameter of 4.6 × 30 mm caliber.

Cmmg foursix pistol

When it comes to 4.6 × 30 mm caliber, everyone will think of H & K's MP7 personal defense weapons, and the FN company developed 5.7 mm caliber guns in the same year, and H & K is also developing MP7 personal defense weapons. At the same time, special 4.6 × 30 mm bullets have been developed to improve the penetration capacity of bulletproof equipment.

However, the same 5.7 mm caliber has developed a lot of firearms (such as Rig 57 pistols, CMMG's 5.7 mm caliber AR pistol), 4.6 × 30 mm caliber, did not develop civil version of firearms, this time CMMG launched a 4.6 mm caliber AR pistol, which is the first company to eat crabs in the civil firearms market.

4.6 × 30 mm bullets and .22LR motion rifle contrast

CMMG is a main AR platform series of firearms, but also very focused on innovative companies. For example, the company has previously launched an AR rifle that uses AK magazines. In addition, the radial delay is designed, so that the gun can be reliable emission.

Now, they have launched a civil firearmeters that use 4.6 × 30 mm bullets, and the first AR platform firearms that use this shot.

According to the existing information, the gun is still air blowing automatic mode, but the micro-length airway and new miniature air guiding system developed by CMMG have used CMMG. At the same time, there is an 8-inch barrel, the svg sigikou device with CMMG, has a higher level in the mouth compared to the 7.1-inch barrel of MP7.

8-inch gun tube, M-LOK mahoguang and SV portal device

In addition, the CMMG also developed a polymer magazine for the Foursix pistol, which is basically the same as other AR-15 type magazines, so most of the AR-15 type magazines can be used. It is a plug-in for the buyer when considering. The magazine is also a traditional double-row double-in structure, and has an empty laundry. The capacity is 40, and the bomb board is designed to be very eye-catching bright red, compared to the current mainstream design.

The 40-phase polymer magazine developed for the gun

CMMG's FOURSEX magazine, size similar to standard AR magazine, using double-row double-in mode, and can directly use standard AR magazine magazine bag

The following is the official announcement of CMMG:

"CMMG is proud to announce the launch of the Foursix pistol. This is the first four-faced 4.6 × 30 mm AR product line for the civilian market. The gun has an impressive 40-shot capacity, low after sitting and The close-up penetration can redefine personal defense weapons.

4.6 × 30 mm bullets were first launched in 1999 to be famous for the MP7 of H & K.

MP7 three shooting gestures

According to the design, 4.6 × 30 is a relatively light ammunition, with a very small sitting force, aimed at competing with 5.7 × 28 mm bullets in the field of personal defense weapons, so far from the US civil firearms market. A civil firearms that launched 4.6 × 30 mm bullets.

CMMG's Foursix pistol was established on the company's MK4 platform, which has a standard control section and modular function of the AR series firearms. Most importantly, the FOURSIX pistol can be loaded into a standard AR15 down-machine blade, which means that the user can put the existing AR15 down the machine with the foursix pistol. And cartridges are used.

CMMG's Banshee series firearms are the ultimate personal defense weapons, and their light and compact design is a smaller 4.6 × 30 mm bullets that can be perfectly matched, almost all the shooters have built a shootable and very portable. Gun, the automatic mode of the gun is an improved air blown automatic mode, with an empty warehouse hang-up function, and uses a proprietary 40 CMMG magazine.

If the user plans to build its own 4.6 × 30 mm caliber AR15 firearms, CMMG also provides the corresponding solution. You can build a new gun using CMMG's barrels and barrel assemblies and magazines, because CMMG has modified the gun assembly to ensure a reliable cycle to emission 4.6 × 30 mm ammunition, you only need to use CMMG's guns. The machine assembly, the barrel, and the magazine are matched with other components to get their own custom version 4.6 × 30 mm caliber AR15. "

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