Talking to the United States?The people on the street protest against the US military rolled out, and the Chinese weapons were exchanged with oil.

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Talking to the United States?The people on the street protest against the US military rolled out, and the Chinese weapons were exchanged with oil.

2021-12-01 06:04:05 103 ℃

After the dismount of the Afghanistan, this thought that the situation in the Middle East will be relieved. He has never thought that the Middle East is again caught in a melee, sitting on the title of "gunpowder bucket". This year, the United States has repeatedly discussed many times, but there is no progress, but it is directly distributed in the United States. The United States directly sent a bomber, swaying in the Middle East, leading to the Middle East. stretch. Military experts said that the United States is nothing more than wanting to force Iran to make Iran compromise, but also suggesting many American allies, the United States is still their mountain.

Although the United States is a country that is far from war, it is facing the "hard bones" in Iran. The United States does not know how to add, although the United States has changed to Iran, but obviously, there is no substantive effect, but give Negotiation brings more variables. Coupled with the game of the United States and Russia, it can be said that the United States has indeed encountered iron plates, and the US hegemonism can still be arrogant, we don't know. In fact, in addition to the two anti-American big powers of Russia and Iran, there is a country to pick up the "anti-US" flag, openly state, saying that the land is changed from the Chinese weapons, and the local people have embarked on the street protest, request "US military roll back".

Iraq is originally a strong country in the Middle East, but now it is a three-run country, all of which has a big relationship with the United States. Under the leadership of Saddam, Iraq has ranked among the third strong country in the world, but in the early days of this century, the US military played a better banner of the future, and went into Iraq, until now, there are thousands of US military station in Iraq. Here, Iraq also fell by a rich country as a chaotic country, and the local people suffered from war and asked the US military to roll back to Washington.

Experts said that if the US military starts the dismantling plan again, the country's investment in the Middle East will have a bloody, and the strategic plan will also be affected, and may even affect the US military global strategic plan. Moreover, Iraq has a very important strategic significance for the United States, the US military exploded from Syria, in the process of foreign transportation, will inevitably pass through Iraq, so the United States does not want to give up Iraq.

The US military has always been overbearing, so the US military will continue to station in Iraq will only exacerbate the local contradictions. Today, Iraqi people have awakened, prepare to tear their faces with the United States, and use oil to change China's weapons. It seems that Iraq Iron is struggling with the US military. in the end. The outside world believes that all of this is a US military, if the US military does not know convergence, it will inevitably face a dilemma that is isolated.