Two dogs fight, play off?France counterattacked Australia

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Two dogs fight, play off?France counterattacked Australia

2021-12-01 06:03:52 73 ℃

Since Australia unilaterally torn with France's submarines, the Liangzi in the two countries completely ended. There is no strength to move in France, the United Kingdom, but not in the eyes for Australia France. Previously, France has repeatedly expressed asking Australia to make huge compensation and expressed quite dissatisfaction with Australia. After a plan for a period of plan, France finally took a retaliation action.

According to French media news, France decided to launch military-selling cooperation with Australia's death, Indonesia, ready to sell 36 stroke fighters to Indonesia, as well as some submarines and frigate and other equipment. On the other hand, France is also done to save the loss in the Australian signing.

It is understood that Australia is not in harmony with Indonesia, and the two countries often have sea conflicts, and Indonesia has repeatedly seized Australian fishing boats, and the fonders of both parties often have confrontation. The relationship between the two countries is constant, the main reasons are related to East Timor. In order to win the support of Australia, Indonesia has made great concessions on the issue of Emperor Wenburn and the development of oil resources development, and Australia has also got a lot of benefits. However, with the independence of East Timor, Indonesia began to regret the concession of Australia before, so it was not recognized by the previous commitment, and the international community also believed that the contract signed by Indonesia and Australia was invalid. For Indonesia's repentance Australia naturally does not pay, do not intend to give up our previous interests, the contradiction between the two sides will result.

Today, France took the initiative to sell gust of gust in Indonesia, submarines, and frigates will make Indonesia to occupy greater advantages in confrontation in Australia, Australia is naturally dissatisfied. Previously, Australia had previously applied to France, requiring France to stop selling weapons and equipment for Indonesia, and France certainly expressed rejection. Previously because the United States's compression France had to bear, so it can only be retalled in this way.

It is strongly condemned this Australian, and France's behavior is likely to bring dangers to Australia. Once Indonesia has a gust of fighters and French submarines, they will occupy greater advantages in the sea, Australia's fishing boats will also suffer more threats. I have to say that Australia has been sinned into many countries for the United States. When the United States is frequently targeted in China, Australia is willing to act as the "horse front" of the United States to shoot China, but the end result is unfavorable.

Whether it is facing China or France, the rupture of cooperation not only makes Australia lose heavy losses in the economy, but also in the international reputation is also affected, and other countries must work with Australia. I will throw again. However, after paying the huge price, Australia did not get how much benefits, but the United States grabbed orders originally Australian. This also makes the outside world are quite not understood to act in Australia, and it is difficult to be the USA 's attractiveness to Australia too powerful?