"Free navigation, no right to interfere"!50 warships 40 combat machines approached the United States, issued a warning

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"Free navigation, no right to interfere"!50 warships 40 combat machines approached the United States, issued a warning

2021-12-03 18:06:18 64 ℃

In terms of land, sea, empty three armies, the most beautiful army is proud of the Navy, the huge aircraft carrier fleet is almost able to determine the world, but the United States usually does not come up with himself, but the power of allies "borrow the knife" Ukraine, Japan, and the United Kingdom have been provoked in the United States. It is a provocation on the No. 2 military power, but Russia will not put it in the eyes. The Pentagon finally can't hold it. It is ready to personally, at this time, the United States " A seafra of the Ragan is died and working in the nuclear reactor department.

It is worth noting that the US military sent 10 strategic bomber, exercise on Russia's ability to use nuclear weapons, so that the outside world is nervous, the US fighter is only 20 kilometers from Russia, clearly, the United States is trying to exploit the bottom line of Russia. In contrast, the US military often hits the "free navigation" of the "free navigation", and the Russian army has left the Russian army, but the US military did not expect the retribution to this fast, Russia actually deals in the United States in the way "with teeth" The White House has a bitterness.

It is reported that in the "European Defender-2012" joint military exercise, the NATO countries dispatched 28,000 soldiers, and fighting a military exercise at the entrance of Russian house, in this means to suppress Russia. The outside world believes that NATO countries have undoubtedly let the United States "washed brain", the surface is the confrontation of NATO and Russia, in fact, there is a consensus between the two major US countries. In the face of NATO countries and the United States, Russia also will not let go of 50 warships and 40 games to the East Coast, and repeatedly approached the United States "home".

In the case, during the exercise, Russia also dispatched the missile nuclear submarine and cruisers, and it is also "showing muscles" in front of the United States in the United States, and has a severe warning to the United States: "This is free to save, no one has no right to interfere!" "So domineering counterattack makes people live, and the outside world praises the domineering style of the battle. In fact, under the leadership of Russian President Putin, Russia has been significantly improved in the international status. Whether it is still in the right, the means is very tough, which is also the bottom of Russia.

In addition, the Global Network report said that Russia and ASEAN will hold the first Navy joint military performance in the nearby waters of Indonesia, mainly in the two stages of virtual and exercises. At that time, the Russian army will send large anti-submarine destroyers to participate in the exercise. In addition to the actions of the warship, Russia has developed an S-550 air defense missile system. For the US military, this is like a "heavy bomb", which makes the US military's X-37B or a space strike object.