The Taiwan army threatened to fight against the Liberation Army, after reading the 歼 -16 tour, what is the frog in the bottom of the bottom

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The Taiwan army threatened to fight against the Liberation Army, after reading the 歼 -16 tour, what is the frog in the bottom of the bottom

2021-12-03 18:06:18 74 ℃

Recently, the Taiwan Defense Department issued an annual so-called "defense report", rendering the mainland to Taiwan military preparation, claiming to create "solid, strong tough" defense force to achieve a solid goal. The person in charge of the Taiwan Defense Department even is even clarified to fight against the continent, and the drums of the military officers and soldiers are dead. However, when the Taiwan army threatened to fight against the Liberation Army, when they saw the surroundings of the 歼 -16 cruise Taiwan, I understood what is called a frog. According to the Global Network, it is reported according to the data of the Taiwan Defense Department, and half of the fleet of the eight military warfare police patrol in the Eastern War of the People's Liberation Army is the 歼 -16 fighter, and at the 27th People's Liberation Army again 4 The army, half of which is 歼 -16, and the 歼 -16 continuous cruise seems to make the Taiwan authorities panic, and the reason is that the PLA 歼 -16 has been known as an electronic warfare ability. 歼 -16d. In order not to let the outside world feel that there is such concerns, Taixia has declared that Taimei claims that in order to reverse the "threats" of the People's Liberation Army 歼 16D electronic fighters, Taiwan military has been practiced in the "Hanogu" exercise.

Temples quoted the military officials said that the number of 歼 -16d electronic warplanes is currently not much, but the future is very likely to be accompanied by fighters such as 歼 -16 or even 歼 -20, and implement the task of entering Taiwan "Air Defense Identity". Taiwan radar and electronic system equipment function, Taiwan military has studied counterfeit and countermeasures. However, this military official did not directly point the Military Territory to use the anti-16D means, just claiming to have a Taiwan military "in recent years 'Han Guang' exercises, has been induced and anti- Measures, and actual exercise ", its behavior does not exclude this officials who are worried about their own speech by professionals" catch ", and break.

It is worth mentioning that the so-called "Hanguang" drills of the Taiwan Army have been mentioned before, and the Taijun has also speculated that the Taiwan army has completed the best combined power preservation in the "Hanguang" PLA. And the transfer of force, and in the PLA assembled the ground forces to prepare the sea-speed joint landing at the stage, the Taiwan military uses anti-missile to destroy the mainland airport and assemble the force, and also hit the water-noodle ship, air force and shore missiles. Shen Putting the military amphibious landing formation, leading to the Liberation Army unable to continue to implement the landing task, and even the troops are damaged, this is the first time the Taijun has implemented the "big wins" in the virtual world for the first time.

It is undeniable that the result of the Taiwan Army "Hanguang" in Taixiakou is an idiots, and its act is a frog in the well. Because, Taiwan's strategy is so much, how to complete the optimization of the optimization of the power preservation and force transfer, the PLA If the PLA will dispatch a lot of insight into the drone, the corresponding thermal point of the scattered is accurate reconnaissance and accurate blow. This is completely, and the PLA also has a variety of advanced weapons and equipment and different tactics and play. The Taiwan military wants to use it for decades of equipment and tactics to use hero. And "Great Sheng" People's Liberation Army, obviously this is an infatuation.

For the island, "Taiwan independence", "Taiwan independence", the national defense spokesperson, Wu Qian, the Department of Defense, has emphasized that it is a dead road to fight against no way. The motherland is uniformly unstoppable, and the arms are not self-tempered. The Chinese People's Liberation Army is full of war, and it will be failed at all times, and will resolutely defend national sovereignty and territory with the Thunder.