More rare than the tour, the PLA nuclear submarine is floating row, and releases strong signals.

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More rare than the tour, the PLA nuclear submarine is floating row, and releases strong signals.

2021-12-04 18:03:54 28 ℃

Because the United States is in the Taiwan issue, it has led to continuous upgrades on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan. During this time, the US military is more frequent and demonstrated to mainland China. First, a missile destroyer of the US military crossing the Taiwan Strait, followed by a US military P-8A anti-submarine machine to wear a Taiwan Strait from the north to the north. Public opinion believes that this is a "root" warning that the PLA Navy also conducted in the US military.

According to the World Network on December 1, the US Navy Institute columnist Sarton released an image taken by the European Aerospace Bureau "Sentinel 2" satellite at 10:00 am on the 29th, and he said that this satellite map shows a ship. The ballistic missile submarine and another escort ship sails at sea. He believes that although the resolution of "Sentinel 2" has a low resolution, the trajectory style displayed on the image is the characteristic of a typical round boat, and its length is also in line with a 094 strategic nuclear submarine. Moreover, Satton also emphasized that nuclear submarines appeared in the Taiwan Strait in the way, this rare behavior may be signaling to the United States.

Considering that on the day of November 29, the US P-8a anti-submarine machine conducted a move through the Taiwan Strait, which is even close to the distance from China's mainland to the sea of ​​45 kilometers from China. Therefore, there is a military expert that it does not rule out that the US anti-submarine machine has found underwater goals in the Taiwan Strait, so go to track. Whether it is 094 nuclear submarine for this satellite picture, the outside world is still unable to be determined. However, considering that the strategic nuclear submarine is intercontinental missile, it is generally snorkeling. If it is a stewor, there is no specific meaning unless it is intentionally to see the existence of the nuclear submarine.

Analysts pointed out that because of a series of behaviors in the Taiwan area, the United States has led to the "Taiwan independence" in the Taiwan, and the "alone" is now embarrassed. At this time, the Liberation Army 094 strategic missile nuclear submarine is in the Taiwan Strait, In fact, the warning signal is also released on the authorities and the United States headed by the United States, and they warn them not to act rashly. Cross-strait unity is a historical general. If the United States continues to ignite in the Taiwan issue, then the ushered will be an anger and iron boxing of the Liberation Army.