Cambodia Prime Minister: No longer welcome the US!

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Cambodia Prime Minister: No longer welcome the US!

2021-12-04 18:03:37 69 ℃

"Hong Sen anger the United States to get the size: Yunan Navy Base no longer welcomes you!" The "Cambodian Times" is reported in the 3rd, the Prime Minister of Cambodia announced no longer welcome the US visiting Yunan Navy base.

According to the report, Hi Sen's 2nd roads such as 37 roads in Sihanouke are extremely inseparable from the US constant speculation about the rumors of the Yunan Navy Base.

Hi Sen 2nd Hosting 37 roads such as Sihanouke, the opening ceremony of the "Cambodian Times"

"I have told (Cambodia) Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Di Di, if someone (meaning the US) Apply for access to the Yunan Navy Base, don't have to give them. The Yunan Navy Base is not a criminal place. You want to investigate what I gave you to you last time. You are still unsatisfactory, saying 'can't access it, you know what to visit? I will give you visit, not for you to search, please recognize this. "

Hong Sen's anger is not coming. According to reports, on June 11 this year, under the consent of Hong Sen, the US Embassy in the US Embassy in the Goldenian Embassy was "special treatment", visiting the Yunan Navy Base. However, the US has issued a statement, and the anti-accusation of the Cambodian military officials refuse to allow the US military officials to completely visit the Navy base. This remarks immediately provoked the annoyance, Cambodian defense ministers, strongly condemned the United States to reverse it, no born.

The report continued, although the Cambodian government expressed strong dissatisfaction, the United States did not have a good break, still continued to speculate on the Yunan Navy Base. In November this year, the United States has also become advocated to announce the sanction of two Cambodian defense officials, accusing them to involve corruption fraud in the construction of Navy base facilities funded by the United States.

"Cambodian Times" mentioned that in recent years, as the United States began to align the spear head to China, the Yunan Navy Base in Sihanouke has also become the focus of the US government.

On June 1 this year, the US executive Deputy Secretary of State Type Sherman met with Hunsen in the Phnom Penh, requiring Cambodia to clear the two buildings funded by the US-funded building in the case without notice or explanation. Sherman also stated that China's construction of military base in Cambodia will damage Cambodia's sovereignty, threaten regional security, and have a negative impact on the relationship between US Cambodia; she still claims that Cambodian leaders should maintain independence and balance in order to the Cambodian Foreign policies.

The US accusation is no longer, and the Cambodian is more than once refuting the US speech. According to reports, Hunn has repeatedly denied that foreign countries will establish a military base in Cambodia, as this violates the Cambodian Constitution.