Drinking oil is coming!US military pearl country residents are polluted by water, people: US release crude oil

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Drinking oil is coming!US military pearl country residents are polluted by water, people: US release crude oil

2021-12-05 00:02:00 63 ℃

According to US media reports, the pollution incident in the Japanese military base in Japan this summer, the Japanese people protested very much. At that time, a large number of fluorine-containing substances were detected in the Okinawa Prefecture Base, and the people found that the foam cleaned by the US Airport was directly discharged into the local river, causing the organic fluorine fluoride in the groundwater to be 670 nark, It is more than 13 times more than 50 nacariological values ​​of Japan. According to the material, the material can damage the central nervous system, loss of attention, can cause headache, exercise disorder or cause breathing problem, Japanese folks have been chasing the US Army "claim" for this matter.

Yesterday morning, there was a strange phenomenon near the American Military Base Hawaii Pearl Harbor. A strange flavor is found in the red mountain in the red mountain in the local residents, and some of the residents of drinking contaminated water have also disgusting symptoms. They smell like oil taste. Take some time, the US military personnel came to test, and released a statement saying: "The Navy has a fairly conclusive indication that there is volatile oil ingredients in the Red Hill, and the Ministry of Health is recommended to rely on Hongshan Water Water Water Water Supply. Residents stop using water for drinking, cooking or cleaning the oral cavity, and the follow-up situation waits for a notification.

However, this well is 93,000 dependence of a freshwater base, which will undoubtedly cause serious consequences. The people are most concerned about that there is no oil field near Hawaii, and there is no topographic structure leak oil precedent. How do you suddenly become "oil wells"? However, there is no result of complaints, especially the attitude of the US military's flashing, let the outside world always think that this is an accident, the starter is the US base. In short, this suspected toxic water has many people drinking, more and more people are worried about their live safety options to check their body.

This situation is very likely that this situation is very likely that the underground oil library of Pearl Port is polluted with large area of ​​groundwater. If it is ocean or natural pollution, it is impossible to pick up the oil stains on the nearby sea. Therefore, "The accident is very likely to occur", and it is very likely to spread into the nearby underground water.

Then it is not difficult to speculate why the US military flashes to this attitude: there are thousands of people who have already placed this pollution water quality. Petroleum pollution will cause functional damage and long-term impact on the human body. If the US military base will also be accused by the residents after the exposure And huge claims, this already has a precedent. And if it is a failure, the lawsuit has no doubt, so the US strange statement does not mention any details of the survey, follow-up is also perfunctory.

It is worth mentioning that US Commerce Minister Raymondo, in order to celebrate the US EU steel trade agreement, "US steel is very clean, China's steel is dirty because of pollution", unexpectedly, there is still a serious water. Pollution events; there is a Chinese netizen commentary: "Biden asked the world to release crude oil to control oil prices, have to say that the United States is really the first, but the place to release seems wrong."