A loud noise!A print soldier was fried, 20 soldiers rescued and triggered mines.

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A loud noise!A print soldier was fried, 20 soldiers rescued and triggered mines.

2021-12-05 00:02:00 47 ℃

The news disclosed by the Russian satellite network said that in a actions before, the Ying army did a tragic price because the mistakes judged the mines buryed by Pakistan. According to reports, a patrol team of the Indian army had encountered an accident when patrolling in the Kashmir border area, and a soldier was unfortunately stepped on the mines who bought in advance in Pakistan. After a loud noise, the print soldier was fried, and the scene was rolling and smoke. More than 20 soldiers patrolling together with the Indian army came to rescue, but because of the situation of mines, the print soldiers did not dare to have anything in the process of rescue.

The Indian army is very cautious to use the engineering mine equipment for mine, open up a channel. When the road opened, the print soldiers began to carefully close the soldiers who were killed and prepared to pull the bodies of the soldiers. However, at this time, an accident occurred, and a soldier did not hear a greeting but suddenly ran to the woods next to it. At this moment, the soldiers who were running to the woods stepped on the mines and was directly fried. Unfortunately, this soldier triggered mines nearby other mines, leading to the on-site explosion into a piece, 20 soldiers participating in the rescue were all fried.

For the printing army, fortunately, the power of mines is not too big, except for a soldier being killed, a soldier is seriously injured, and the rest of the soldiers are only smashed. Although casualties are not very big, this is also a small blow against the printing army, especially the impact caused by their psychology will be very large. It is reported that the landlore buryed by Pakistan did not have a license in accordance with the set of "plum mines", and the landmines were deployed, rather than deploying into a horizontal line, a vertical line.

The Soldiers of the Yin Army made a mine in accordance with the traditional mines, and there was a mistake that caused the soldiers to be killed. India and Pakistan have deployed a large number of mines in Kashmir, and there are professional mines in these mines, and there are also a lot of simple mines. The printing army stepped into simple mine, these simple mines are characterized by low production, but the power of explosion is also very limited. This patrol team was all fried, and it was also a lesson because the print army did not comply with the action norms of the mine area, resulting in triggering the incident of mines.

The print soldiers have a confidence, but it is very fear that it is easy to make chaos when encountering danger. This is also a basic reason for the printing army and often collapse. The Indian army deployed a lot of force in the border of Kashmir and is ready to deploy the S400 air defense missile to the Kashmir border to win the advantage. However, the advantages of equipment performance are not equivalent to the advantages of fighting power, because good equipment also wants to operate.

Compared with Pakistan compared to Pakistan, the India is a significant advantage, but the Indian Army is rarely occupied in the confrontation of the Kashmir region. Soon, a guerrilla supported by Pakistan has caused great troubles to the Indian army. The Indian army pursued a long time, nor did it discovered the goal, and many times in the process of the crash. The Indian army often encounters ambush of guerrillas in the territory, and very serious casualties have repeatedly occurred. Most of the printing soldiers are low-breeds, which is also the core of their hard work.