2 countries that have can't invade the world, one who does not win, one has "protected" in China

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2 countries that have can't invade the world, one who does not win, one has "protected" in China

2021-12-05 06:03:46 24 ℃

Under the intervention in all aspects, the international situation is extremely unstable, but fortunately, there is currently no oversburving war, but this does not mean there is no contradiction between countries, and the two countries are in the two countries. At present, there is a strong military power, but the two countries are opposition relationships, so the outside world is very afraid of the two countries, but more importantly, both countries have nuclear weapons. Once they start, they will be warned by a regular war Being a nuclear war, it will affect the situation of the entire international basis.

In this context, the US fighters from time to time, the warships travel to the "spying military situation" near Russia. Thereafter, there were reports that 2 B-1B strategy bomber flew to the Lithuanian, and the two fighters were approaching the Russian border when flying, and the Lithuania and the British combat personnel who represent the ground goals, but not only this, the United States B-1B The "gun cavalry" strategy bomber demonstrated the use of free fall nuclear bombs in Russia during flying in Lithuania.

In this situation, all countries have begun to vigorously develop military strength. I can improve the status of the country in the international, and I can pick up these weapons to protect myself. However, it is worth noting that in addition to US RUS can lead to unstable international situations, many factors can also cause this situation, such as sudden outbreaks. Someone puts a question, if there is really a war, is there a country that is not invading in other countries? Subsequently, some experts gave the answer, and thought that there were two countries to be the most difficult, one who did not win, a no one dared to fight.

The first one who does not win will not win is the United States. As we all know, the United States is currently the world's military power, in addition to a large number of routine weapons, there is also a jealous nuclear weapon that is jealous of the outside world, and nuclear weapons have been considered to be the most powerful weapon in the world. In addition, the United States is a country that is very paying attention to international status. After all, it is not easy. Therefore, every time the strength of the country is improved, the United States tries to stop, although the strength of the countries will increase, but dare to fight against the United States There are very few countries.

As for the country that is invasive, it is actually Mongolia, most people are not familiar with this country. It is understood that the location of Mongolia is very special, clipped between China and Russia. It is also this reason, let Mongolian countries have been guaranteed, after all, China and Russia are also the current military power in the world. As a result, if there is a country wants to attack the Mongolian country, it is necessary to pass the country in China, and the general country is not the opponent of the two countries, so there is no country dare to invade Mongolia. In short, it can be said that the Mongolian country has won the "safe barrier" for yourself by special location.