There are 9 aircraft carriers when the Soviet Union disintegrates, and the remaining 8 ships have been taken by Russia.

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There are 9 aircraft carriers when the Soviet Union disintegrates, and the remaining 8 ships have been taken by Russia.

2021-12-05 06:03:46 33 ℃

Aircraft carrier is a weapon for playing a huge role in World War II. Therefore, in the cold war period, it is also part of the Soviet military competition. Only the Soviet Union pays attention to the aircraft carrier at the beginning, which leads to it in the aircraft carrier. It is only that this is never representative of the Soviet aircraft carrier technology, it is reported that when the Soviet Union is disintegrated, it leaves 9 aircraft carrier for all the franchisees. This can't help but express curious. In addition to the fire to Russia, where is there any 8?

First of all, the "Moscow" and "Lenin" aircraft carrier are limited to technology and philosophy, where they are not limited to the standard of modern aircraft carriers. Therefore, these two aircraft carriers have no one wants, and finally, they will be dismantled by the Soviet franchisees to sell scraps.

Kuznezov aircraft carrier

Second, the "Kuznetzov level" aircraft carrier in Russia is a public awareness, and Russia took away. Although it has not been eliminated now, because the Russian economic pressure is too large, this aircraft carrier has been lost for a long time, and retirement is just a matter of time.

However, many people don't know, in addition to the "Kuznet" aircraft carrier, Russia also took over three aircraft carriers, they were "Kiejia", "Minsk" and "Gorushkov Navy Marshal "Aircraft carrier. "Kiejia" and "Minsk" go to the Chinese hand, and finally be transformed into the theme park and the hotel by my country.

Gorshkov Navy Marshal

"Gorushkov Navy Marshal" aircraft carrier is sold by Russia to India, after a transformation, it is still in the Indian Navy. The other "New Rossis" aircraft carrier in the same time is not so good, it is bought by South Korea after the Soviet Union, and finally dismantled.


In addition to the above 7 aircraft carriers, there are two special, which are "Valiang Gig" and "Urijanovsk" aircraft carrier. "Varyag" is a sister ship of "Kuznetzov" aircraft carrier, and a aircraft carrier that is very advanced at the time, but unfortunately, the Soviet Union did not wait for its completion.

Subsequently, my country's efforts were hard to buy it in their hands, and this aircraft carrier is the predecessor of my country's "Liaoning Ship". Since my country has done very well on its maintenance work, after the introduction of Shandong ship, it rarely goes out of the task, so conservative estimates, it can take at least 20 years.

Nuclear power carrier

Special place in the "Urienovsk" aircraft carrier is that it is a nuclear power carrier. It is true that the Soviet Union did not finish it, but we can't find this aircraft carrier. We don't really find that if the Soviet Union has no disintegration, the United States is really not necessarily a dust in the aircraft carrier.

Of course, the US nuclear power carrier for this semi-finished product is also jealous, so in order to avoid technology leakage, the United States flicked Ukraine destroyed it. As a result, Ukraine is also true, and a artifact is like this.