Putin's one or two three bottom lines bright!Who supports, who opposes?Ze Lingski is really not afraid of death.

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Putin's one or two three bottom lines bright!Who supports, who opposes?Ze Lingski is really not afraid of death.

2021-12-05 12:02:04 33 ℃

Recently, with the strategic contradiction between NATO and Russia, Russia conducts a large-scale military deployment in the Russian border area, causing strong oppositions in the United States, NATO and EU countries. The US and NATO high officials came frequently to call Russia, claiming that if Russia insisted on Military operations in Ukraine, Russia will face extremely severe revenge actions in NATO.

According to media reports, Russia's threat to NATO also responded, and Putin said in an international forum. If NATO is deployed in Ukraine, the tactical missiles deployed in Ukraine, then Russia will never give up. At present, the situation in the eastern Ukraine is again tense. The Russian media claims that the army of the Wuzin army is assembled in eastern Ukraine.

Their military operations have attracted the attention of Russia and Ukraine, and the eastern militia organizations of the Division are also frequently mobilized in the region. Prior to this, the Ukrainian President Ze Lingski took the initiative to ease the tension relationship with Russia, and the two sides achieved the ceasefire in the Unetyton.

However, after Bunding, Ze Lingski is like "the same", "suddenly warn on the two states of the eastern" division "in Ukraine. Ze Lingski said in public cases that Ukraine's "split status" needs to end immediately, drive away "Russian aggressors", and realizes the Ukrainian government's exercise sovereignty in Donbas. It is imminent.

At this point, from the beginning of the year, Russia will collect the army to the border area and deal with the conflict that may be upgraded. Russian Presidential News Secretary said: "At present, the tensions in the eastern Ukrainian are experiencing unprecedented upgrades." Western media believes that the current US relations and NATO and Russia have reached the most difficult moment since the end of the Cold War. The last contradiction is that this is a Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan 40 years ago.

Since the explosion of the Ukrainian crisis, Russia has entered a low tide with Western relationships. The outside world believes that Ukraine has suddenly been launched to Russia since the end of 2020, and behind the US government operation behind the scenes.

Analysts pointed out that the contradiction between NAT, NATO and Russia seems to be uncomfortable. The United States and NATO believe that Russia implements "Mixed War" in Ukraine, Crimea and Donbas's incidents "Russia Spring". NATO Secretary-General recently said that Russia's efforts to implement the force of Ukraine, and eventually pay a heavy cost.

In Russia's view, the Government of Ukraine is a "coup", which is the "color revolution" of the US and EU. Russia believes that Ze Lingski now has a threatening threat to Russia, which is because the United States and NATO have to press Russia.

In the face of the pressing of the United States and NATO, Putin's simplicity shows Russia's attitude, that is, Russia has three red lines for NATO: First, if NATO deploys offensive weapons in Ukraine, Russia will have to respond. Second, if NATO deploys a large-scale military team in Ukraine, Russia will have to respond. Third, if Ukraine is supported in NATO, in the East Ton Bas region, Russia will never sit down.