Russia seized the "small scorpion"?US special industries are poisoned by rivers, and the Pentagon has denied

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Russia seized the "small scorpion"?US special industries are poisoned by rivers, and the Pentagon has denied

2022-01-12 18:06:34 32 ℃

Under the US "Pushing Help", Russian Urji Complament is getting deeper, and there is a major war. It is at a critical moment, and the United States leads NATO Many Member States to support Ukraine, trying to press Russia to suppress Russia. At the critical moment, Russia suddenly released the news in Russia, and the suspicious smell was found in the border area. Many people said that this time, Russia completely grabbed the US "small scorpion", this What the hell is going on?

It is reported that the Russian Defense Minister publicly broke the news, and the US mercenaries went to Ukraine and took the opportunity to invest in the Ukrainian river. The first time stands in the Pentagon denied, saying that Russia is a clear-eyed framed. According to sources, the US mercenaries have entered the Donbas region and will cooperate with the Ukrainian military. It is reported that this mercenary is approximately 120 people, which is more confused. This batch of employers have just arrived in Ukraine, unloading 2 tons of unknown chemical weapons. Russia's accusation is inevitably let the outside world link these things together.

Since 2016, Ukraine has step by step by step. It is made by the United States as a gun. In such a context, Ukraine is worried about the exemplary, in order to get rid of the dilemma as soon as possible, Ukraine continues to close to the United States, trying to join NATO. For the release of Ukraine, the United States is pleased, after all in the American eyes, Ukraine is a chess piece that is holding Russia, so the United States has begun to release unclear signals to Ukraine, trying to collect Ukraine.

Although, the United States has been refusing Ukraine to join NATO, but the United States and NATO have provided many military assistance in Ukraine. In the Russian area, NATO has strengthened the existence of military, and also promoted military forces in Ukraine to assist Ukraine to confront Russia. With the United States and NATO, Russia also started to act, not only to promote the force to the border area, but even directly showed "Nuclear Red Card", warned the United States, NATO and Ukraine not to act rashly.

At the critical moment of the border confrontation, Russia's anti-Gong Shaogu disclosed the US atrocities in the outside world. It turned out that the United States has already contained chemical poisonous gas to the border area. Military experts said that the poisoning war is not to be launched. If Russia said true, then the US ugly face will expose all, while Russia can take the opportunity to create public opinion stress to the United States, so that countries see the United States Sanitary. Obviously, if the United States continues to obstacles, it will inevitably be strongly condemned by the international community, this time, it is finally in the Western world nervous.