The United States launched a strike against China on the five front lines, and the three signals have emerged, and China must prepare

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The United States launched a strike against China on the five front lines, and the three signals have emerged, and China must prepare

2022-01-13 00:06:17 28 ℃

Named China, defending the US dollar hegemony, competing for military high points, values ​​attack, technology to suppress, the United States launched a strike on China on these five fronts, three signals have emerged, China is going to prepare.

It is undeniable that as China's strong development and the continuous improvement of international influence in recent years, the United States is clearly panicked, and it has begun to make crazy compression in China. . But the fact is that China is unintentionally fighting with the United States, the world of "global hegemony", only those who are addicted to and chasing hegemony, can always feel that others are orthodontically, this sentence can be said to be a true portrayal of the United States.

In order to suppress China, the first means taken by the United States is staminated, destroyed China, such as new coronal pneumonia epidemics of global outbreaks, is the most obvious example, the US is in vicinating China's international image, suppressing China's international influence to maintain The international influence, appeal, but the fact that the United States's own international influence decline, it is completely self-take, the United States continuously abandon allies, waving sanctions to allies, leading to its appeal and influence collapse Falls, especially with the dismantle of the United States, from the Afghanistan, triggered the most serious trust crisis in the United States for 20 years. The so-called "don't have to be, refreshing,"

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in a huge US hegemony system, it is all served in capital, that is, serves the US dollar hegemony. The United States can say that the US dollar hegemony is regarded as its own life, and there is no challenge to appear at all. Therefore, when China launches "offshore RMB", digital currency, and national currency exchange agreement, the United States has passed the rules, interest bundling, etc. in the financial sector, etc..

In addition, in terms of values, the United States has advancing the so-called "democracy", "freedom", and attacks oriental culture and values. But the real situation is that the number of new crown epidemics in the United States ranks first in the world, the number of infections is still exponentially increased, and the United States will be impacted to let the world read the American joke, the US "Freelight Tower" is really not bright. The so-called "freedom", "democracy" world is watching in the eyes. Not only that, in the military, the United States has frequently advocated the so-called "China Threat", and the other side has greatly enhances military spending, high-profile investment in the new conceptual weapons, and implemented the unrestrained capping compression of China's military technology. There is also the field of science and technology, suppressing China's high-tech enterprises, blocking Huawei 5G, off-chip, etc. Behind the United States, behind the actions, the purpose is nothing more than to maintain its own hegemony, and fight China is just one of its appearances.

In fact, the US move has brought three uneasy signals to the world: First, in the financial sector, the United States has begun to release the signal, to make interest rates to harvest the wealth, a series of countries may be 殃, follow-up may appear The turmoil and chaos are worry-free; secondly, in the form of the financial warfare, the United States integrates the biological war, politics and subversion, information public opinion, psychological war, civilized war, online warfare, and seamless connection In order to be integrated; finally, the military level, the United States intends to blew the Taiwan situation, frequently launched a military exercise in the South China Sea, and join for the United Kingdom to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, but not explain, the United States has not explained, the United States is hysterically, here, The outside world must be vigilant and China should be prepared.