Three major events in the world, suggesting that China's external environment is full of dark tide, worth paying attention

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Three major events in the world, suggesting that China's external environment is full of dark tide, worth paying attention

2022-01-13 06:02:28 45 ℃

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Earlier, a global series of three events occur, sparked concern, at the same time, some people think, the time seems to have suggested that China's external environment is already surging undercurrent.

Kazakhstan and more riots

According to reports, because the previous protests "liquefied gas crisis" caused, in Kazakhstan already evolved into a large-scale riots. There are local thugs and police clashed in the streets even issued weapons, gun fire. Even the presidential palace and the mayor's office have been set on fire. Previously the country is declared a state of emergency throughout the territory of Kazakhstan.

On the morning of 7th of this month, Kazakh President said that all regions of Kazakhstan order already recovered, the government is to control the situation. He also said that the terrorists are using weapons, destruction of property of the people. He added that before the complete elimination of the terrorists, we must take action against terrorism.

From the 9th of this month released data point of view, much of the country after the recent protests turned violent activities, a total of about 5800 people were arrested.

It is reported that the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia is relatively close, at the same time the country also bordering with China, the United States and other countries have been trying to reach into Central Asia.

After the riot occurs, the United States and Russia falsely accuse convenient, while Europe is called upon to make that Kazakhstan can not use force against the demonstrators, and the OSCE is said to promote the Kazakh domestic "democratic process" and "political reform". And the West this set of operations, is to let people seem to see the shadow of the "color revolution".

The first anniversary of the US will be riots

It is reported that on January 6, the United States will be the first anniversary of the outbreak of riots. On this day, Biden delivered a speech in the Capitol, to make attacks on former President Trump. It is worth noting that almost all of the Republicans in Congress have missed this time of commemoration, we can see the deep disagreements between the two parties. In fact, tearing American society is constantly increasing.

Previously, many retired US military for the 2024 general election, it might happen again expressed concern regarding the civil unrest, and even suggested that the US will probably be the fuse to ignite civil war.

In addition, the debt crisis and other factors are also epidemic out of control like a time bomb if the United States itself is not handled well, not only may cause its own problems, may also external output of the crisis.

New strains emerge?

Currently, the Austrian McCormick Rong already spread around the world, making the protests in many countries are under pressure. Meanwhile, the 9th of this month, but there is a researcher at the University of Cyprus suspected discovered a new strain of restructuring the new crown. It is reported that this strain genetically closer and Delta, but has a large number of Austrian McCormick Rong-specific variation.

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