Ignore the US ban, a large number of top engines transport to China, and it is simply in Ukraine.

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Ignore the US ban, a large number of top engines transport to China, and it is simply in Ukraine.

2022-01-13 06:02:51 21 ℃

After decades, my country's comprehensive strength is constantly improving, and countries around the world also see the huge potential of China's development. China can have now achievements, not only because of common efforts from all walks of life, but also can't affix to our help and support from other countries. Like Ukraine and Bar Return have provided many help to my country, and there is a country that is also derived in Europe, which has risen by the US sanctions, and the large batch of engines are transported to my country and help my country's aerospace industry has developed.

For all countries around the world, I want to make progress in the development of the fighter, I must not support the support of advanced aviation engines. Available and the "Fight Machine Heart" is a powerful driving force for the fighter. Therefore, we want to develop a fighter performance of a performance, it is necessary to break through the aviation engine. my country is getting late in this area, and it is also very difficult to develop in Western technology. At the critical moment, Belarus came out, not only selling domestic top engines to my country, but also transferred many core technologies to my country.

Belarus and Ukraine have been the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union, Baishi also inherited a part of the Soviet Union, including advanced aerospace systems and aircraft maintenance technologies. Therefore, the technology in the engine field is also leading the world at that time.

Experts, if my country is only with its own strength, I want to break through the technical difficulties of avionics, not only take a lot of money, but also take a long time. Therefore, the introduction of Baida Airfare Technology has become an important part of promoting the progress of my country's domestic engine research. Western countries are being blocked in my country, so Baishi provides the engine to my country, which is also regarded as "ignoring the US Sanctions". After many netizens know this real story, they have admired: White Russia is also just just than Ukraine.

Of course, Baishi is helping to our country, and the aid that has been extended by my country will not be related. After the end of the Cold War, the Russian economy was in a sluggish, and there was no excess force to maintain military development. In this case, my country has extended a helping hand in time to help Belarus spend the economic difficulties. Bai Russia also knows the map and ships large batch engines to China. Today, my country has still maintained a good relationship between China and Bai Russia. After the emergence of new crown, my country provided medical assistance for many countries, including Belarus. In this regard, netizen evaluation: Sure enough, see the true feelings.

The friendship between China and Russia in my country and Russia is envious. In fact, my country has always played the responsibility and responsibility in the international community, helping a lot of countries to carry out basic construction, won a praise of the international community, in which they can make these "iron friends".