The People's Liberation Army can solve the Taiwan problem in two days. Why is it easy to do?What is the biggest obstacle?

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The People's Liberation Army can solve the Taiwan problem in two days. Why is it easy to do?What is the biggest obstacle?

2022-01-13 06:02:39 42 ℃

Since this year, the Taihai situation can be said to be dark clouds. Since Cai Yingwen has come to Taiwan, cross-strait relations have continued to deteriorate, on the road to "leaning against beauty, with heroes", Cai Yingwen is getting farther. On the one hand, Cai Yingwen is holding the United States's thigh, constantly collining the US anti-China power, to strengthen its current situation, and will also openly allow the US military to teach Taiwan training Taiwan army, which will continue to buy a large number of weapons from the United States, try to improve confrontation The ability of the mainland can be described as a picture of the poor.

On the other hand, the Cai Yingwen authorities continue to disperse China, promote the "mainland threat", and the people in the island, in Taiwan, "China". I have to say that the Cai Yingwen authorities are the culprit of the two-strait relationship, and some experts say that the current two-strait relationship is the minimum valley after the Taiwan Sea crisis. The possibility of cross-strait eruptions are also continuously improved. But for the mainland, the victory of the balance has been in our side.

It can boldly, the current Chinese People's Liberation Army, there is enough strength to liberate Taiwan, with the regularization of the PLA, many experts analyze, the mainland liberation Taiwan will not exceed 72 hours, and it is very likely to exceed 48 Hour. And regardless of whether the United States will force the Taiwan Sea issue, this result will not change whether the US military has dispatched aircraft carrier.

As long as the US aircraft carrier is nearly 1,000 kilometers of China's coastline, the People's "Dongfeng Express" will cooperate with the Navy and the Air Force will send the US military aircraft carrier to the Pacific. Some viewers may have to ask, since the mainland strength is so strong, "Taiwan independence" is so arrogant, why don't you hurry? Do you have any concerns? It is really a concern that the biggest obstacles in the current aroused Taiwan are actually because of the war of liberation of Taiwan, it will make a hierarchy to Taiwan Island.

According to the prediction of the American Issue, once the War of Taiwan, the number of deaths in Taiwan will exceed 200,000, and the total number of casualties exceeds 1 million, and the economy in the island will completely crash. This is also the reason why my country has always emphasized to adhere to the peaceful and unified policy. If you can recover Taiwan by soldiers, it is a good thing for the two sides of the strait. This is the upward policy of solving Taiwan problems.

The mainland is not afraid of losses, but afraid of playing Taiwan too horrible. The late recovery is the same as the compatriots of the Yellow Ezon, so it will not be easy to use. Of course, this is not to say that the mainland will give up force, but in the Taiwan issue, my country has been adhering to "two legs" walking, that is, peaceful liberation and force unity. Which way to choose depends on the situation of reality, including cross-strait sites, international situations, and more.

The current Taiwan situation is still controllable, but says that if the Cai Yingwen is so don't know so, the Taihai situation is also very likely to slide into the disaster. By then, "Taiwan independence" will regret it again, so I still have to remind the Cai English authorities, and it will be self-defeating.