Foreign media: This is the most critical day since the end of the Cold War!

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Foreign media: This is the most critical day since the end of the Cold War!

2022-01-13 06:02:01 23 ℃

Russia and the US diplomat launched closed-door talks in Geneva on the 10th of the Ukraine, which was the third round of the strategic stable dialogue last year. This is also the first in this week. The first game of three series of talks in Western, and the other two will be held in two other cities in Europe.

There is media to describe that this is the "most critical day since the end of the Cold War", the "hazard episode" in the past, became the frontier and focus of global diplomacy this week, while future European security depends to be much related to these talks. However, due to the incompatibility of Russia and the West, it is not optimistic. On the occasion of talks, Washington continued to hide the sanctions "great", Moscow, "will not concession".

Russian Foreign Minister Riabrkov said the US "Lack of understanding of our demand", US Great Condole Bincoln said "the next week, we will not see any breakthroughs." Increased variables to talks on the talks. In the United States, some people think that Russia's soldiers, Kazakhstan helped calm in order, meaning Moscow more eager to do certain things to Ukraine. Kazakhstan and Ukraine are the original Soviet Union branch. Although Putin has promised that "rebuilding the Soviet Union" "It is meaningless and impossible", the US media and senior officials have vigorously contributed to this topic.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Riyakov Information Tu Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Xueyu

Starting with the talk, "no one passes confidence"

According to media, the Tasshief, AFP, etc. The United Nations Office of Geneva began closed-door talks. The representative of the two delegations first entered the hall and sat relatively on two separate tables. Riabrkov and Sherman took photos next to the flag, but they didn't have a handshake. Diplomats have always maintained social distance because epidemic protection measures are still valid.

American executive Deputy Secretary of State, Sherman Data, Xinhua News Agency, reporter Zhang Wei

On the evening of the 9th, two diplomats were in this Swiss city for more than two hours of informal talks. Riabrkov said after talking: "Although the conversation is difficult, but pragmatic, we discussed the things facing. I think that tomorrow we will not waste time. I never lost optimism and keep optimistic."

According to Russia's "First Channel" TV station, the Russian delegation will hold a press conference on the 10th to notify the results of negotiations. In this regard, there is no positive evaluation. The US State Council, said that the state of the Russian party will not reflect reality. Russian media commentary said that the US is obviously to all the allies, and its ally is worried that Americans will respond to them like the facts that have been decided.

Before the talks, the US Russia both sides passed the uncompromising signals. The AFP said that both parties established a firm position, the former warned the risk of confrontation, the latter excluded possible. Bulin said on the 9th, "We will not see any breakthrough in the next week." He also said that Moscow must make a choice between dialogue and conflict.

"No one passes confidence," Switzerland SRF TV is summarized on the 10th, which is a week to decide the conversation or confrontation. For Russia, there are two main requirements for this negotiation: First, there is no new NATO member - Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Finland or Sweden; second is not to deploy NATO forces and weapons from NATO East Wing Member States. These two requirements are unacceptable for the United States and NATO. On the contrary, the West proposes: First, if Russia invades Ukraine, the US Europe will strively sanctions; 2. Measures to establish trust: arms control negotiations, nuclear disarmament and routine disarmament negotiations, reduce the number of exercises. Whether in Moscow or in the West, people are very pessimistic, they don't expect progress, but criticize each other.

On the occasion of the Russian meeting, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg met with Ukraine, which was responsible for Europe and Europe - Atlantic Integration on the 10th. Stortenberg once again warns Russia to the "serious economic and political cost" for Ukraine. Sterfanninina said that before Russian president ordered the overcrowded army and equipment, NATO's request should not consider Russia's requirements, and the Russian requirements cannot be regarded as a negotiation position.

"2022 ridiculous joke"

There are 3 security talks related to Russia this week, the first game is the Russian strategic stable dialogue, and it is held in Geneva on the 10th. The second game is Talk about NATO and Russia, held in Brussels on the 12th. The third is Russia and the OSC dialogue, held in Vienna on the 13th.

"US Russia ushered in the most critical day since the end of the Cold War." Switzerland "New Zurich" commentary that Russia and NATO relations and European security depends largely on this week's talks in Europe. However, both parties are not optimistic about the dialogue. The United States continues to maintain military deployments in Europe, as a strong backing with Russia negotiations. The Ukrainian government army in the eastern Ukrainian armed Ukrainian military army does not expect the negotiations, and it is ready to repel the enemy.

The New York Times said that even before the Russian officials were sitting down, the Russian officials who were sent to attend talks will warned that the United States is "lacks understanding" on the safety requirements of the Kremlin. The article said that although the Biden government expressed its willingness to discuss all security issues of Russia, the United States also has a list of safety issues, but Putin's requirements are equivalent to demolishing the European security architecture established after the Soviet Union. American diplomat worried that Russia may announce that their safety concerns have not been resolved, and the negotiations have been taken as a reasons for military operations. Earlier, the senior official of the Biden government said that the United States is ready to discuss the possibility of restricting regional military exercises and missile deployment, Blinken's latest speech is also trying to focus on these two aspects. But Riabrkov said that the Russian negotiation goal is far exceeding the military control problem, and the signal issued by US officials "reflects the lack of understanding of our demand." According to Russian International Wenshi Telecom, Riabrkov said: "We need to ensure that the destructive activities that have been in the past few decades, let Nubo return to the same position as the 1997 basics."

Russian "Viewpoint News" said that Bulin is known as defensive alliance 9, saying it is for defense, not attack. At the same time, as long as the Russian army is close to the Ukrainian border, it is unlikely to achieve significant success. Russia's first deputy representative of the United Nations Bilanski responded that this is obviously the ridiculous joke in 2022! The only meaning of NATO is now serving the US destructive foreign policy. Don't tell the Afghans and others who have recently suffered from NATO's "Defense".

In some of the Russian analysts, the dialogue itself is Russian diplomatic achievement, because the Russian proposal has been refused by the United States and has not discussed. The US political news network also said that in the case of Russian muzzle, the West began to negotiate with Moscow. Although USU officials don't say that this week's talks are dialogue, they are not negotiating, but they can't explain why don't persist in Putin first withdraw the army, and then give Moscow a series of high-profile platforms to express dissatisfaction.

Kazakhstan has an unexpected factor?

While holding talks, the United States has discussed a series of finance, technology and military sanctions against Moscow, and called in Russia's "invasion" in the Ukrainian. Reuters reported that the Russian trade restriction initiatives may include Russia's key industrial industries, such as national defense and civil aviation, and pressing Russia in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and even electronic consumer products.

However, the differences within the Western Union are still outstanding. "The Ukrainian and EU representatives were excluded," German TV said on 10th, Americans and Russians are negotiating on the fate of Europe, Mas Jue, professor of international political academics, University of Cologne, Germany, described it as "Yalta 2.0 "- In the 1945 Yalta negotiation, Europe split; now, this threatens the EU. According to the US National Broadcasting Company, there are European seniors that can only "act as neutrality in negotiations." But the reality is that the EU is not unified on the Russian issue consisting of 27 countries.

"Europe is worried that Russia will cause economic strikes to yourself. European countries are also worried that Russia has taken retaliation operations and even cutting natural gas supply.

There is also a "background" this dialogue. The Associated Press said on the 9th that Kazakhstan's situation increased the uncertainty of American Talks. Hill, president of Russia and European Affairs, in front of the US National Security Commission, said that Hazakstan's incident will make Putin more eager to do something for Ukraine, and he will hoping to reiterate the regional dominance of Russia by supporting President Harce. . The Member of the Military Commission of the Military Commission, Glinse, said that Russia has the ability to respond to two crises while involving Kazakhstan will weaken Russia's ability to launch large-scale military operations in Ukraine.

"Wall Street Journal" said that the Russian army entered the difficult Kazakhstan, issued a clear signal to the Western and other original Soviet Union Republic. Putin's efforts to maintain Russia in the backyard influence, reaching the peak in the current confrontation with the Ukrainian issue. The article said that Putin is determined to reiterate the hegemony of Russia in the original Soviet area, to a large extent, based on the view of the Soviet Union is "a major geopolitical disaster".

According to Today, Russian TV is reported, Binchan is asked in the 9th, that is, whether to agree to the US-front anti-Chang Panetta about Putin intentions "rebuild the Soviet Union", he replied, "I think that (statement) Yes, that is one of President Purdin, that is, the country re-impacts the country who has previously belonging to the Soviet Union. " He then said that such intentions "unacceptable". Russian media commentary that Burlin did not provide any evidence to support him.