After the North Cixed No. 2 was cut off, the Russian natural gas cargo source continued to go to China, and the White House was most worried.

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After the North Cixed No. 2 was cut off, the Russian natural gas cargo source continued to go to China, and the White House was most worried.

2022-01-13 12:02:16 23 ℃

According to Russian Satellite News Agency, a lot of countries in the world have been caught in an unprecedented energy crisis in recent hours. Many countries and regions have caused many people's dissatisfaction because of energy prices, Kazakhstan In recent days, a riots have happened. It is reported that the riots of this game is because the people protest will continue to rise. And many national natural gas and electricity prices in Europe are also happening. There are data showing natural gas prices in Germany and other countries, gradually reducing the temperature, and even say this time is a record! At recent days, there is news that the North Cixed No. 2 is cut off, Russia's natural gas source continues to deliver our country, and the White House said the most worrying thing happened.

The North Creek No. 2 natural gas pipeline project is a three fold from the beginning of the construction. The pipelines are funded by several energy companies such as Russia, Germany, and France. After the construction agreement is signed in 2015, the countries represented by Ukraine and the United States are constantly obstructed. In fact, from the perspective of energy, Behriti No. 2 can be effectively alleviated the problem of tight supply of European natural gas, and from another aspect, because the North Creek No. 2 is shorter than the terrestrial transport pipeline, so It can reduce the price of European gas.

After the start of the North Cixing No. 2, many of the countries that violently began a series of oppositions, and the United States also made a full-scale pressure and stimulation of the North Creek No. 2 pipeline project several times. Even the White House has repeatedly pressed the requirements to Merkel to stop the project, but they were hard to renew Merkel. However, with the German election will come to the North Cixed No. 2 again "crisis". Some news said that several countries in Europe are now "fighting", and Germany is also the quality and safety risks in the No. 2, which is the first quality and safety of the North Creek. Therefore, this news is like the White House, which also lets Europe Several countries have fallen into a crisis that natural gas is skyrocketing and airless.

The United States is opposing Beixi No. 2, I hope that European countries can import liquefied natural gas from the United States, Germany seems savvy, want to get rid of natural gas on Russia, is actually the decree of the United States. Just in Germany and Russia, Russia 's Novitke has signed a contract with Zhejiang Group. According to contract content, Russia will transport millions of tons of liquefied natural gas to our country every year through "Northern LNG2". Our country will enjoy the constant natural gas in Russia in a very reasonable price, and discloses that European countries may be difficult to get rid of the United States.

However, after we signed a contract with Russia, the White House also felt some crisis, after all, this contract also means that our cooperation between Russia is more intimate. One of the United States to press the North Creek No. 2 is to hope that the European countries can import the LNG natural gas in the United States, and the other aspect is also a blockade of Russia once again. After all, Russia's natural gas is mainly exported to countries or European countries. But this time Russia cleverly got rid of the US pressure, even if it did not transport Europe, Russia's natural gas also had reasonable dealings, but the European did not only pit themselves, but the White House also said that the most worried thing still happened.